Friday, March 27, 2009

VERY IMPORTANT stuff that i almost forget!!!

OMG i nearly forgot! *stabs myself*

Happy Belated Birthday to Sou! ♥

teh vocalist from Lolita23q! :D
the cutie that shares the same birthday with me, March 25th! XD
so we're fated ne? *yeah as if*
iLy Sou!! you're so cute and fluffy i wanna eat you up ♥
i'll always love your voice.. ♥ and your mates as well! :D

i want more pics of yourself in your blogg! onegai? *puppy eyes*


GazettE's ohp CHANGEDDDDD. *yeah i'm slow*
OMFG~~ I'm starting to like that pic! *point point*
XD.... ah shit.. my pop up block thingy got prob hahahaa O.O
I DIEED after i saw the new members' profile pictures! OMGGGGGGG!! *SCREAM*

*takes a deep breath* RUKI-SAMAAAAAAAA!!! ♥_♥

KYAA! *squeals* URU. URU. You... you... *cant breathe*
that's it. i'm gona kidnap and rape the hell out of him. keheh.

sou da!! kono me! kono me! :D THOSE EYES...
eyes of a master seme! :D:D ♥ omgg~~ *fliess* ♥_♥

i kinda laughed at his puffy hair HAHA! :D
*rips and steals his pants* gomen Reita-san! chotto dake XD!!
*starts putting on the pants and camwhore*

OLALAA~~ Kai-kun looked so... *sighs in pleasure* ♥________♥

I'm in love with ClearVeil's songss! OMG.. i keep listening to them during the weekdays.. now also XDXD..... their new album RE:BORN is FTWWWWWWWWWW!! ♥♥♥♥

01. the dropping sky
02. cold prey
03. kodou
04. a square room ~saigo no kotoba~
05. lapis ~ao no yuutsu~
06. if...
07. iro no kaketa sakura
08. real
09. shinja ni sasagu sakura
10. jougen no tsuki
11. otogi ichiyo

track 01, 06 and 11 especially, is the bestt!!! :DDDDDD *repeating over and over* ClearVeil is one of the band that produces GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD SONGSS~~ *my opinion yepyep* I LOVE OTOGI ICHIYO~~~~~~~~ XD but idk what it means... haha.. haha..ha..ha...


about Distress And Coma single.. XD i've been listening to it these days too :D
omg.. i can't choose now! i LOVE all tracks! ERGGGGGGH.

01. Distress and Coma
02. Headache Man
03. Without A Trace

OOOMAMAAAA! ♥ Of course D&C is the best!
I'll always sing with Ruki everytime I listen to it hahaha!
I once.. or twice.. tried listening to the guitar in this song.. eesh Ruki's vocal distract me XD
for the guitar part.. i like the starting, and the one before the bridge part the most! WOOHOOO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Headache Man... gosh i love it so much... it reminds me of the old times? :D ♥
i like the way they sing together :D as a team!
without a trace makes me emo LOL... but i like the chorus part! *nodnod*
whatever! XD

omg.. i just found out Miyavi's married and his wife's pregnant! they said it's just rumor... but *shrugs*... i'm happy for him ! YEAY nowonder he left PSC~~ omg... idk what to say... *sniffs*

i heard that this is that girl? LOL
so sweeet! :D and she's lucky to have him! *nodnod*
RANDOM time ahhaha!
So i listened to them these days...
ClearVeil, the GazettE, Zodia, Alsdead, Moran, Lycaon, and Gackt. :D

1st goes to Zodia still :D They're really good.
2nd to ClearVeil
3rd to the GazettE
4th to Gackt
5th to Lycaon

and blablabla XD.... 3rd and 4th almost tie... O.O"
anything else I missed? OH~~ i keep repeating otogi ichiyo hahahaa!! :D


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