Friday, March 27, 2009

melody <3

i really hate it.
people who show off like they know a lot, like i'm so behind.
so? i don't know. must you use that tone?
it simply annoys me.
i don't mind you telling me nicely, ask me whether i know. or correct me nicely when i'm wrong.
don't say something like, "you don't know?", "omg, how can you don't know?" stuff like that.
fuck off.
i'm not perfect, i don't know everything.
just... fuck off.

anyway i just fell in love with Myv's wife Melody XD *steals pic from Lang's bloggie :D*

KIREI naaaaaaa! :D Miyavi + Melody = omg... i bet the child's pretty too! *Q*'

i'm so messed up already! :D
i wanna keep up with my animes as much as jrock stuff! LOL
i'm currently really, really addicted to Katekyo Hitman Reborn. So I might slack in this jrock stuff abit. :(

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