Friday, March 27, 2009

i turned 17 :D!


OHSHITMAMA!! The thunder is coming back! *rush rush* XD First of all! Everyone sankyuuuu!! XD For the wish :D *kisss everyone in turns* :D This is probably one of the .. best birthdays? LOL. :D Whatever! every year's a goooooood one! :D

got the frame from shu yi! arigatouuu! :333333 i'll put you-know-who's picture there! :DDDDDDDD ♥

these from Ee ling XD!! CUTE PLUSHIESS~~ omg that red claw thingy... that kinda scares me! LOL. but its good for scratching XD *scratch2 my hand* :D ♥

not say to be pilih kasih but.. i love yuanny's pressie like.. the most? :D:D!! although she kinda give the same things to kimberley XD her's are as creative as usual... aww ♥ lotsa handmade stuff..

LOL. these are in the rainbow letter she gave me XD.... i enjoy reading it! :D ... ♥ and the bracelet! WOOO~~ i love silver :D did you saw what i saw? XDDD.....

i think she printed it and laminate.. xD the one on the left.. she drew it! HUNNIE SENPAI KAWAIIIIIII~~!! XD (it's hunnie senpai from ouran high school anime) ♥... and the Tsubasa Chronicle bookmark ♥

behind XD.... ♥♥♥

YEAH THIS LOL! She wrote it. MMmmhh~~ *kiss kiss* am gonna keep and treasure this forever XD

opened the pink package LOL :D:D! ♥ kinda hard to take the box out XD *handle with care*

IT'S A BOX! OMFG~~ SO preetty!!!!~~ *jump2* ♥_♥!

TADA~~~ It's a baby fox! OMG! SO CUTEEEEEE!! *squeals* i thanked her through SMS she said this fox had a Uruha feeling LOL! WOOOHOO! I named it shima-chan too~ nywahahhaa... LOLOOL XD ♥_♥

the plastic she use to gimme the pwessie :D IT ISH RIGHT :D and it's tower records! ♥

oh i almost forgot... the clip thingy shu yi used to clip the card on the present ... :D CUTE right?! :D it's a ladeybuggie! :D ♥

*chaa chaa chaa* XD

now i have another buddy! LOL ♥

the first thing i receive in that morning is this.. awww... it's from mom... i know it's really simple and... messy? :D... but but... such simple things can really make me touched ;_; the smileys are so cute! and the hearts! XDDDDDd.... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i ask her why her heart is so out of shape LOL, she said it's becuz it's full.. 360 degrees LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! XDD that's cutee! iLy mommmmmmm! :3

that evening.. mom bought a cake ♥

CHOCOLATE FTW!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ xD omg i'm finally 17! :D:D

isn't it beautiful? XD and then mom and dad is the only one who sings... bro shy so he didnt hahaha! :D:D anyway i didnt make a party.. just a simple family one....

i ate like a baby! LOL Look at the mess XD!! mom's cleaning hahahaa


strawberry! XDD i like thisssssss! eheh. ♥

kim gave me these! :D XD.... that tissue pack made me SWT LOL... well i used to love them so much when i was... 12? HAHAA!! XD

and that night.. i camwhore-ed... LOL.... i don't want my Uru abducted so i had to post ;_; XD *drama* wahahha...

i thank my hand for "shielding" it. XD i love the effects HAHAAA.

and yes... still got people owe me presents! XDD one of them is Sherie. Wahaha. and I'm announcing that she's officially.. MINE! HAHAAA! more stories later or tmr... i'm lazy now... XD

dad owe me too! but i already made a pack with him wahahaha. XDDDDDDD it will be EXTREMELY belated :3

omg.... still got LOTSA things to do.. but i still got my tuition maths homework! *kicks bed* GRRRRRRRR... i hate graphs! =w=....

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