Tuesday, March 24, 2009

happy birthday kimberley! :D

i'm kinda in a rush now so. XD skip to the main topic.
Today's Kimberley's birthday! :D Happy birthday kimm! LOL. you're in the same class with me for like *counting* 4 years already! XD i'm glad i know you ~! lalala. although i not say very close with you LOL. I dunno what to give her... last night i was thinking here and there.. eto... i duno what she really like so.. but i know she liked my art... drawing names or some logos.. smth like that.. so XD.... I drew her name. LOL. It was kinda... rushy for me O.O

from this :D... i drew one side of the wing becuz she like this anime called Tsubasa Chronicle.. and she like wings so.. LOLOL *lame i know* ...

later i feel like transfering the name thingy to some black paper.. cuz if not i'll feel so white =.=... and she love black and white too! like oresama~! *points at myself* :D

i feel so empty again.. so i cut the edges.. O.O... TADA i'm done LOL! And the next step.. i wrote from who who behind XD.... what do you think? XD

so this morning i brought to school and planning to give her. but was so worried that she won't like it.. i dunno O.O... apparently! :D SHE LOVED IT~~ WOOHOO~~ Can tell from her squeals :D.... i gave her after recess... that time i'm like "blaaah! aiya just give la..." XD... YAY~~

dots.. i feel so crappy... *Stares at the tagboard* sorry i'll reply another day! RUSHING~ XD
and my inbox OMFG!! *faints*.. check other day too.. hahahaha.... lots of rubbishes.. =.=

yay! i'm seeming to love katekyo hitman reborn ALOT ALREADYYYYYYYYY~~ *jumps* i'll go watch it NOW. eto.. needa eat first... bro went out awhile so i get to post this XD ...

oh ya.. my dad yesterday blur case.. he go wish me happy birthday.. =.=.....

err err.. thats all huh... okiee :D! omaigawd!! :D FARA BOUGHT CODE GEASS ALREADY! YAY!! :D XD I gain another buddy who loves Code Geass too! YAY~~ *lame*

minna ja ne!

so what's in for me tomorrow? :D

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