Sunday, March 22, 2009

tmr back to school!

omg i'm really a failure at writing.. ;A;.... will try to continue hmmph!! ò_ó

anyway. lol. first of all. Mikaa! gomen ne.. i haven do your layout ;A;... still waiting for your reply email :D... i'm a noob afterall. =w=

shiaaaaaaT! tomorrow back to sch! i will miss this holiday ;__;.... cant wait for the next one.... sien.. omg i cant online on my birthday! ;_____;! *CRY* WHYYYYYYYYYYY does bro's ex working place had to close down?! T^T....


last nite went to buy this.. two packs! BWAHAA. Munch munch munch XD

and got another set of stickers.. LOL..... *stick everywhere* XD

ah.. damn swt.... this vid so random.. please don't watch.. =w=.... but there's a bit of my voice HAHAAA fangirl voice btw =w=

OMG I LOVE HEADACHE MAN!! HAHA more than Without A Trace.. but doesnt mean i dont like accoustic XD... gonna burn it now b4 i off.. cya people! :D

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