Friday, February 13, 2009

JUUUUUUUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3x3

Nyaaah! I've got the com for the night! :D but but... i don't think can overnite ;_;
I'm supposed to find pics of koleksi gambar pelbagai jenis ruang istirehat, perabot dan peralatan, and alat elektronik audio-visual for my art subject. ~_~ And i'm slacking now. Do it after this LOL.. how can I not touch the internet when I'm having the com + the modem's on for the night?! YOU TELL ME? XD

And also I'm supposed to be doing my BM essay! Been delaying it for more than a week already! ;_; Needa do later.. 8 paragraphs leh!! *SOB* means I can't watch anime... sigh....

Today taekwondo fun! But tired XD Today only 1 master came, and he's my fave master! *jump jump* that time he ask a few seniors (poom and black belts) to hold the squishy target thingy, so that the noobies (like me) can kick it by turns XD.. LOLOL! Mine blue belt so had to to jumping kick + turning kick... LOLOLOL!! and my jumping kick sux! But I never miss the target ngehehe!~ Damn swt! Suppose to kick and got POM! sound but I only heard mostly TIT! Zzzz..... and hor~!

I saw Sherie kick also wanna ROFL~! XD Got 1 time I saw her do some side kicks to that target, and the senior (which I know who), ROFL!!! He's smiling and trying hard not to laugh at her actions HAHAHAHHH!!~~ So funnneh!! :D:D I know i shouldn't laugh at juniors or newbies like her but.. can't help it! HAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~!!

Anyway, I finished watching Vampire Knight - Guilty - last night. ;_; I... I'm.. I'm so disappointed... T_T!!!!! YUKI!! HOW CAN YOU?! She just left Zero like this ... Sorry but I don't really fancy Kuran Kaname, although I get nosebleeds all the time I see him. He's like... a nuisance to me -_-V ... although I kinda pity him O_O AND YUKI!! *smacks her* GOSH I'm gonna hate her for it... Zero T_T... The saddest part for this season 2 is not the fact that she left Zero... IT'S WHEN ICHIRU DIED!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Ichiru wa... Zero no... tatta hitotsu no ototo nano ni!!!!! ;__________; *heartbreak*

*SHOUTS* got season 3 anot!! PLEASE TELL ME GOT!!! ;_: Or movie or OVA whatever it is I'm REALLY DESPERATE FOR IT!! ;_; Cause cause.. Zero said he gonna kill Yuki rite... right at the end.. when Yuki went with Kaname.. she said she'll be waiting for Zero... I WANIWANSEASON3!!!~~~.... and I love ZERO~ XDXD!! YAYY!~ I Support ZERO~ Zero Kakkoiiiiii!~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ okay random nyahaha~~!

Why my DVD cover didn't look like this? ~_~

Kiiihiiiiiiiihihiiiihihiiihhh!! :D KoonIe you madee me fall in love with Jun again!! ;_; I know he's married but.. but... I COULDN'T RESIST. He's too beautiful ;________;

Jun from Phantasmagoria~ ;D
Lul! I'm posting this pic again! NYAAAH~~~~ I love it~! ♥♥♥♥

Saw KoonIe's MSN dp and I squeezed and make her tell me where she get this pic! AND LOL! SO EASYYYY TO GET ♥ I LOVE THIS PICTURE! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ OMFGGGGG SOOO CUTEEEE~~~ MEI MEI~~~ :D:D:D:D I LOVE JUN!! :D (hooray to that lucky girl who got him ;_; or guy... HAHAHA!!! *is a yaoi maniac* )

Cristinaaaaaa! XD I must remind you that I WON'T EVER GIVE UP URU~! And you too right?! :D:D Let's glomp him together with Ruki! *dirty thoughts* Wahahahha!~~!

tonikaku!!!!~~ nowadays I've been checking jrock_scans , dunnoe.. wanna see if got any of my other darlings' scans O.O! And I digged out the latest.. O.O Kyaaaaaaa!! CUTIES~~ Although it's black and white O.O

WOOHOO~~ I can't get bored of this pic x333 ♥ Sou's just !@!#%!#!@#!#! SEXYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥____________♥

I really needa stalk D=OUT more alreadeyyyy! ;OOOOOO Why?! LOOK AT THEM. ♥_____________♥ I LIKE the first HOT dudeeeee! :D:D dunnoe their names yet... although I heard some of their songs already... *shrinks*

The one at the most right attracts meeeeeee! XD ♥

Here goes... Hime-Ichigo again!! :D:D OMG I really like the vocalist now! MEI MEI~~ XD ♥♥♥ Where can I find their songs?! ;_;

ZOMG. total cuteness! :D:D ♥ *fan girl SQUEAL*
*saves them to stalking list*

Time to do my work! ~_~ EH3 tomorrow got school! :O... I'm only going cuz they are practising the drama thingy... *LOL* XD and damn those teachers gonna teach... if not most probably i won't be going anymore ...eeeshhhhh!

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