Thursday, February 12, 2009

sleeepy day... ~_~

^ princess strawberry? O.OV
AREN'T THEY CUTE?! :D:D I can't find their songs yet... they must be new ... *shrugs*

dunno why today so sleepy! *-*
i think i sleep too much XD.. better avoid that..
just a few pics too keep me awake... LOL and it really did! OvO!!!!!
i can only crop them cuz i don't have my photoshop with me now... sorry to the person who scanned them T________T!!
credits : x x

BLACK is sooo THEM!! Am I right?! XD goshh uru... i really like that outfit on you ♥_♥ *melting @ boiling temperature*

Kai : Gosh I saw a leng lui looking at me! *nervous* (leng lui means hot chick....)
Aoi : Momiji ManjuuUUUUuuuUuUu~
I saw Ruki I think of red bull... *shrugs* XDXDXD!! It's not a bad thing!! :O
Uru..~!! ♥ *fans myself* he's too HOT!! look at his eyee!! *diesss* :D... *stare stare stare!!*
REITA LOOKED SOO CUTEE!! :D... the way he sits... XDXD like small kiddd *SQUISHYY WISHHYY*

MAaann I love Aoi looks in here! :D:D Dunno why... it looks sexyy to meee *Q* AND REITAA!! *SQUISHHHH* he really sits there like a kid!! XD!~~ ♥ SO CUTE~~
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Ruki, Kai, and Uru's FACE!! ROFL!!!!!! *rolls on the floor*
omg Uru hunching!! *smacks his back and make him sit straight*

I'm SOO RIGHT. He's always wearing the best pants!! ♥ *rips it off from him and try it on* bahahahaha!! XD

Shou! SHOU!! Can I ride too? Can I can I? XDXD

Yuuujiii-kunnn!~~~ I think it's just me... he looks abit like JJLin... O.OV

MASATOOO!~~ The mother of SuG LOLOLOL!! XD ♥♥♥

I post this pic b4? Whatever! I can't help it. HE'S TOO CUTE!!!!~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Steal this from his blogg!! I'm lovin' his new looooooooook~~~ :D:D:D *pinch pinch his cheeks* ♥♥♥♥

TERU reported in his blog that he's in one of the latest Rock and Read mag no.23! XDXD SO CUTE LAaaaaaAAAAaAAaA~~~ *imagine the way he said that* ♥ awwwh~~ ♥ itoshii Teru!!~~~ LOLOLOL~~

saturday got school! ;_;

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