Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's weekend!! YAY

<< OhMyGAWD Byo... *nosebleeds* You sexy beast!! ROAR!!! :D

Babe!! I can't find the link to those pics for the PSC vocalists! D: XD *is too noob*

YAY FINALLY IT'S WEEKEND! :D Supposed to tuition at 9.30am this morning, teacher sms-ed me and say she got emergency O.O so change to afternoon, so we changed to 2pm. But when it's around 1.30+ she called my home (mom answer) and say she's coming at 1.45pm. I check my phone, waaa!! Gomen sensei T_T you call so many times I didn't pick up wuu.... I tot I already off silent! :O *bows repeatedly*

Today wake up so straight away "steal" the laptop from mom's room like a skilled ninja XD. First thing I do is... download songs.. I can't believe I put GazettE at a side... *slashes my throat* GRRR!! D: Of course I got to them at last!! Can't just leave them be can I? ;D They're already my breathing air~! My drugs~! My life~ lalala~

Lalala. So I stalked these bands/artists today(mostly just download songs then pics first) :
- Deluhi
- Dio ~Distraught Overlord~
- Gackt
- KaloZoic
- Rentrer En Soi
- Valetta

O.O Today mostly listen to Rentrer En Soi and Dio ~Distraught Overlord~ nia ;D. Slowly la~! :D So kakkoi luuu~

I watch finish Monochrome Factor edi. Yesterday afternoon. WHY?! BRING BACK SHIROGANE!!! T_T Akira separated from Shirogane !! I can't accept that!! Both of them so match.. Wuuu.... *sobs* That show like not complete wan!! GOT SEASON 2? Or MOVIE? Or OVA? Got a few reasons why I want them :
- Akira just only start to awaken as King of Light @ last episode, so little time only? Not even one minute!! D: BUT CHO KAKKOI!! :D:D:D *drools*
- The bad guy not yet defeated! Not even hurt one bit! D:
- How can Shirogane just got separated like that? Right after Akira returned him the shadow thingy through their last kiss? T_T
- Feels like it

Anyway, these few days keep listening to GazettE's 2006 album, Nil, LOL. Just trying to get used to their songs more XD, Stacked Rubbish one already perfect! And other few latest singles. :D I think I'm addicted to Silly God Disco... :D WEEEEEEEEEEEE~!! Tomorrow or later only update my music sec! Lalala~

Silly God Disco PV

- I like the music? Dunnoe. It excites me :D - Uru's SEXY THIGH *bleeds* - Aoi's arm XD - Ruki with his "flapping the wraps" skill HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! - Reita look so cute!! XD The way he shake shake with his bass xD x3 - Kai.. no comment O.O....

I took some screenie shotto!!! :D:D

Who distracted me here? LOLOLOL!! XD

Ruki with his flapping skills!!
Reita : "Ouuffff!!" (the fluffy scarf kena his face XD)

Reita!!! :D SO CUTE~~~~~~~~~ ♥

... and he swings


OMGG~~~~ ♥ *fainted*

URU'S THIGH!!!! :D ♥ ♥ ... i can see stars already...

Aoi pouting!! Lalala~ ♥

O.O! Where is Ruki touching?! XD ♥

Jewel boys!~ :D

Jin(vo), Rei(gt) and Atsushi(gt)

Rui(ba) and Kohaku(dr). Rui mei mei!!! :D ♥ Abit like Hizaki-sama~! :D

^ KaloZoic ^
Akane(ba), Mikoto(vo), Hayate(gt), Lema(dr)
(FYI : I refer somewhere to know who is who! XD)

^ Dio ~Distraught Overlord~ ^

^ Rentrer En Soi ^
KAKKOIIII!!!! ALL OF THEM~!! Maybe not all... XD

And hor, just now chatting with Yuanny. LOL So good to know she's getting even more cheeky-er XD. YAY!! She's trying to influence me DBSK again~ Hmm~ I told her that she most probably would fail.. And I also tell her that I give up influencing her to jrock, including GazettE, cuz I know both of us are really crazy and loyal.. so XD!!! :D ♥ She told me the DBSK song Mirotic got chinese version O.O and she tell me some part of the lyrics... I don't remember... but it turned me on XD... it says
"I love it when you got no shame, do that thing so insane"
Lalala~!! Got no shame(think of when they're doing it), do that thing so insane(that "thing") XD!! You know, I was imagining Yaoi, Uruha x Aoi... OOPSS!! *stitch up my mouth* HEHE!
Found some Lolita23q pics... lazy hunt all... yet .. XD!!!

Ryousuke & Sou! So match eh? :D ♥

Ryousuke ! Lolita Lavuuu!!! :D ♥

Ryuto-kun~! I like the make up ;D ♥

^ Dorks.. I like! ♥ XD

Wahseh... Ryousuke & Yuki soo sexy ;D ♥ I like Sou's hair :D

^ Retard .... .... ....

BM Novel... just started reading it about 2-3 days ago.. halfway more.. the story's not bad!! But because of spoilers, I already know the ending... -SIGH- sad la...

^ I know she's cute!! *self praising*

^ WHAT HAPPEN to my tuition book!!! XD Last nite sienz I'm feeling whatever~ The "Shang-ri La" supposed to be "Shangri-La" I wrote wrong!! *bangs on a glass*

^ My monkey face!! Huhuhuhuh! XD My furrowed eyebrows LOL~
What? Trying to imitate Kai? I didn't think of that! SWEAR! XD

<<< Kai's Monkey face O.O HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Time to go out... plenty of stuff to buy *grabs my shopping list*... CIAO! :D

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