Sunday, January 11, 2009

Updated the links abit


ROAR!!! SO TIRED! LOL I wanna sleep during the afternoon but failed... Awwww ._.
Update my links section for the WHOLE DAY!! And a while @ music sec~ Serious XD. I stalked about 58-60 jrock vk artists that's why! Needa find their OHP and some fansites and stuff, including their blogs. OMG 58?!?! *fainted* I thought it was only about 30.... *jaws dropped sideways and cracked* I got to control myself!!!! Can't stop downloading more new and newer songs... -_- their cuteness or coolness attract my attention thats why ~_~ *shake head*

But most of them not really know yet la duh~!! Slowly ;DDD Of course the best is still you-know-which, Versailles & Lolita23q~! ETC. Lazy to list out. Needa update the profile part other day NEHEHEHEHEHE!! 8D YAY! Now I won't have troubling finding links LOL. -random- I haven't finish the links part... the mother sites and the other two. And don't ask me why I put mother site... simply put.. for the moment.. HAHAHA~! Some bands I can't find their OHP and others cuz... they're still VERY new. Siannnz~~~~

I'm supposed to update myself today but. but... in the end... NUUUUUUUUUU~~~~ *pokes myself until bleeeding*

YAY today saved super HOT Kamijo scans!!~ WOO baby aishiteru~~~~~~!! XD

^ Yuki is HOT ! YAY YAY YAY!! *do peace sign*

*YAWN* I dunno what I wanna sae olediiii...

ValettA boys!~

Kazuto (vo) ^
Cute leh Kazuto-kun~!... 8D

Rin (gt) and Hinata (gt)! :D ^
Rin kawaii!~ XD

Sana (ba) & Takuya (dr)! :D ^
Oh my I like Sana's hair! x3

VanessA boys~!

^ Genki (vo)
LOL genki hahaha! XD

Haruki (gt) and Nao (ba) ~ ^
Another Nao? ~_~

Toki (gt) and You (dr)!~ ^
YAY both also mei mei!! 8D

Tomorrow school again la.. damn~!! Got perhimpunan!! TwT... Lucky bought rubber band + pin liaw.. if not.. later sure kena tangkap~! Last week lucky didnt haha!! *phew* HEHE.

OMG!! FUCK!~~~ Havent do anything for the class board!! NUUUUUUUUUU~!! Needa draw 14 chibis! OMG ! A4 size sumore! OH NOO!!! DIE LEE..... And and... needa cut borders for the board aso!! NOOOOOO! But that one still okay.. cincai oni la.. get it done.. hopefully I won't collapse lalala~~~ Lazy laaaa!! Dumb job ~_~ But better than nothing.

Aiseh!! This week start kokurikulum la!! Tomorrow not going berjaya... HEHE!! Must go at least 2 only right? So I go Taekwondo and DJ Net only lor... hahhaa... SAD la.. Shuyi never join taekwondo liaw... *sobs* ... Now we can't do sparring together already T_T.... Bu yao li kai wo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -SWT-

I will be leaving the lappy for 5 days again... :(

Kiryu boys! YAY!~~~

Mahiro Kurosaki (vo) & Mitsuki Sakai (gt)
The name so long wan? ._.
Kurosaki kakkoi!!!!!! *fangirl squeal*

Hiyori Isshiki (ba) & Junji Tokai (dr)

Takemasa Kujo (gt)
OMGGG!! DAMN COOL WEIH~~~! Reita-san mitai 8D

Lastly, .... Gazeboys in leathers!!!~~~ROAWRR!!!! *bleeds and die*
Cropped them and edit a bit!! :D

^ Uruha! OMG~~~ *die once more* .. ORGASM ~ 8D


*stabbed myself continuously *
HAHA.. Reita looking at Ruki's butt.. XD!!
Kai's ARM! *drools*
URU OMG~~ That pose~~~ Nahaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ ! ♥ ♥ ♥ I LIKE THAT POSE XD~~~

*revive from the dead and dies again*
the-they... really can kill...

Now you know why I love them so much? :D ♥ They're not just HOT!! 8D

IWANIWAN THIS POSTER!!! ._. OMG.. The thighs... *drools*

^ My phone wallpaper! YAY! ♥


^ Ruki looked SO GOOD HERE!!! ♥ xD

Got to go already T_T... will miss them so much...
But I've gotta remind you..

I'm always and forever a

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