Tuesday, January 13, 2009

gazette logo yay!!

YAWN~~~ Sleepy again XD. Yaya, slept late.

Yesterday was ... excited? XD I receive babe's letter yay!! :D See I told you they never throw your letter away XD. I mean... how could they?! ;O

It's a little crumple at the sides of the envelope when I got it.. lol... XD

My reaction when I saw that GazettE logo you drew is like, "OMYGAWD!! DAMNN NICEEE WEIHH~~~" My jaws dropped so low and my mouth opened so wide XD. Seriously, it looked so REAL~~~~~~~~ *kiss kiss*

So envious la. I also wanna draw! *berazam sungguh2* XD I can't draw/copy big big ones... and I'd take HOURS to finish it, you took only about 10 minutes leh~!!! *sobbish pout* I only used to copy, NOT TRACE, anime guys in A4 paper last year, this year sure no time and lazy~~ XD and it looked so real(friends said it) :D, can see it HERE~ Just scroll down to the lowest..

Actually wanted to photostate first then keep the original, color the copy, but... alah... nvm la.. color it only XD YAY!!! It's our finished work! LOL It's now in my file YAY! I showed off to ppl today lalala~! And I took picture of it lalala~!! ♥

-random- my kacang bolster -_-V!!!!!!! It's with me ever since I was born, busuk?! NO!!! Still smells nice.. *snifffffffffff* And huggable... ♥

Drew this in school today. Was so bored, and I feel like it. Sorry, I'm having trouble drawing the mouth part. It's always like that!! D: My skills are INCOMPLETE. INCOMPLETE!! GET THAT?! *cries* But I kinda like it, though it looks odd... a little... and messy.. cincai2~ And yes this com sux... I can't find any program to rotate it -_-....

^ Baby drew this for me YAY!!! *jump jump around excitedly*

^ Colored with marker pen! THANKFULLY the ink is not out yet! XD
My fingers are tired by then XD... kiss kiss!! ;D

Baby Love Ya~~!! I think i'll post the reply letter on fri or weekend XD!!~ I already wrote back ytd.... it was like... a kid's letter ~_~ and.. colorful ZZZZZZZZZ~~~

^The original YAY!! ^
I print it out! One to put in my wallet :D, one to... draw... LOL~ XD HEHEHEH!!!


Today school Program Maju Diri... sienz le...

The test see which career suitable for us wan hor...
It's either

R - Realistic
I - Investigative
A - Artistic
S - Social
E - Enterprising
C - Oh no I forgot what it stands for -_-

So we count how many 'yes' for each questions answered. My highest ones is Social x10, Artistic x8 and... the other is C? Bad memory!! = =V

HOW CAN MINE BE SOCIAL!! :O The personalities teacher explained is SOO NOT ME!! WHAT? I'm a person that wants attention? GEEEZ. Give me a break!! I'm more of a person that likes to be alone. And that one is in Artistic! I'm suppose to get Artistic! LOL It has stuff like, the person likes music, art, prefers to be alone(yes yes XD), anti social, lazy? and a lot more that is SO SO ME! Chey... all wrong wan... shinjirarenai ~_~

So excited today laugh laugh laugh with Sherie like mad girls :D!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it, I LOVE laughing as well as hanging out with her XD. Cuz when we're doing the PMD, got one we need to do our own survey, the REFEREE section, duno what to put, then the guys behind ask teacher, "Teacher can put ibu?" (ibu means mom) ROFLMAOO!~~!!! Me & Sherie burst out laughing at that question and tone... HAHAHAHHAHAHH!!~~ Can't stop laughing lalala~ Tanoshii~~~~~~~~~~~ XD

Today also, my clas filling in the registration form, to see what subject you want for SPM. Of course the 6th subjects is compulsary, Maths, History, English, Bahasa Melayu, Moral, and Science. Other subjects is ICT, Economics and Art. I officially dropped THE DAMN SUBJECT Accounts! YAY!!! *do peace sign*

So tired... XD....

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