Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vandalize woo!!

YAY!~ My ducky dork~ XD LOL *imitates him* CHUUU~~~~ ♥ *blown away*

How to start.. lol... 8D

Last 3 nights high liao... everytime sing out loud in my room XD... all Macross Frontier's song :D... Damn nice la~~~ The music composer is Japan's #3 pro!!!!!! Name is Yoko Kanno a.k.a Gabriela Robin~! WOOOOOOO~ Nowonder so cun~~ & I feel so sorry for my neighbours lalala~ Can't help it.. I love it too much ... !~ But it was stressing that my vocal not yet wake up before that... sounded like some ah ma ~_~ .... sing a while liao then yay!! It awakens!! Can sing PERFECTLY liao~ LALALA~~ YAY YAY!!! *double peace sign*

okay fine, that's lame. move on :D

So sleepy LOL~ Last night spent around 1 hour reading yaoi fics lalala~ Today in school nothing abnormal happened XD... Sherie seemed blur than usual... Herm.. I'm not supposed to eatt during recess!! ROTI CANAI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

YAY! Come back liao... bath edi.. then straight away download Vandalize LOL. It's Alice Nine's new album YAY!!! Wanted to burn it.. but the fella say the cross game song quality in that file not so good ... so... zan nen... =.= Transfer to my pendrive huhuhu!~ Tonite listen.. since my radio can connect USB 8D

And YAY! I also downloaded the booklet XD. LOL~ DAMN HOT LAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~ I really need to catch up with A9 news already 8D

When I came back, my grandma told me bro didn't work, so I thought I can't online today, but seems like he went out, so it's my luck! :D I dunno where he went.. the Curve? O.O ... If yes, hopefully he'll buy more anime wakakakak! but he say he won't buy until April wor... ~_~ dun laaa... and my 50 bucks is still with him!!~~~ *crushes hair*

HAHAHA!!! Babe LOL your pic captions so funny XD!~ Aoi and Rei peeking HAHAAHA!!! It just happened to be there.. since I printed those pics like months ago... 8D *continue laughing* HAAHAHA~~~! Can't laugh out loud.. I'm in the living room, later my grandma thought I crazie.. laughing at myself XD!!

Kai's pic so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

^ And sexy toooooo!!!~~ *flies*

baby~ I'm curious where you found those CUTE Kai gifs... and so I just surf one page.. later can't control XD... btw, that first Kai gif pic you posted hor.. it looked wrong to me at first lalala~~!! XD

^ OMFG DORKS~!! I like ♥ Center pic LOL!! Aoi and Uru so loving~ ♥ And aoi... *faintz*

^ *stares at the first pic of the 3rd row + LOUD GASP* OMFGGGG!!! URU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥ HOW COULD YOU~~~~~~~~ *fainted and roll down the stairs*...
and and... the 3rd pic of the 1st row OMG~~~ *nosebleeds and dies* suck it babeh~! =X! ♥ Arousing !!! 8D ♥ - WHORE MOOD ON - XD

er... lazy already.. Yen Ting cominggg to me house and borrow DVDS!~ WOOO~! Let's have fun babeh!~ (LOL i'm addicted to that word XD!)

Babeh! LOL
Today Pn. Shahlawati come to our class and teach rite, Joshua asked her something out loud I forgot what it is, and she answered "Yes, babeh!" sacrastically LOLOLOLOLOL!!~ XDDD I like herr!!! She's such a fun teacher ♥

I'm done for the day lalala~~

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