Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mokona daisuki!!

I'm so lazy to type today so... just a few lines will do 8D ... see how it goes huhuhu

That day complain to mom that I wanna buy new engrish dictionary cuz i really need to buck up my language 8D... te.. why do I need it? Noob mah! XD Okay whatever. PEACE! ;) So mom tell me to get the old readers' digest encyclopedia dictionary book thingy... She said last time duno who bought for my dad when they're young. I'm like, HA? So old already leh~! She very confidence that this book can really help, okay la. So I go dig it out. OH~ This book issit... See b4...

So I used it to do my grammer homework... so many words asing to me -_- ... yappa noob desu yo ne?! *yank my middle finger backwards* = o = !

^ The 3 books, A-L, M-Z, then the 3rd wan dunno. But don't think will need it 8D

^ 8D The sides. Thick and nice!!
I like old old books!! 8D The pages are yellow yellow, feels so ancient XD
I saw the date, 1964... OMGG~~~~

^ I flip I flip and I flip... WAH!!~ This was definitely my doing when I was young!! *messes my hair and yell*

Finished my work in about half an hour or more... seriously damn good weih!! 8D Semua ada! WOOO!~ *hugs the book*

Last night watch Natsume Yuujinchou halfway.. then feel like taking pics of Mokona XD.. so cute la!! But I only got the white one.. I want the black wan toooooo!! *BIG pout* White Mokona is from Tsubasa Chronicle and black Mokona is from xxxHOLiC. Okay now I miss that show X_______X

^ Cute lil tail~!! *wiggle wiggle* XD I was lying on my comfy bed xD

^ Aiyomak!! Wrong angle ._.

"Mokona likes to play with master's kacang bolster~ ♥"

"NOOO Master dunnnn takey awayyyy!! =("

"Gomenasai~... Wuuuu.... ;_______;"

"Mokona is sorry! Please forgive Mokonaaa!!~"

Mokona daisuki!!! I won't ever hate you *sayang sayang*
"Awww I love master too~~ ♥ "


(I tucked Mokona to sleeep... awww)
"Nyaahh.... kimochi.... *snooooze*...."

" Buu buu.... kyaaah~.... *snort* ... "

Nearer! *kissss Mokona*
".. *sleep talking* master... is.. is the best~~... fiuuuuhhh..."

(Mokona suddenly realized)
" Nyaaa master!! Mokona shy shy... no take photo... nuuu~ ♥ *goes back to sleep*... "


Cute right Mokona?! XDD YAY.. It was my bday pwesent last year from my kor~ Now I want black one too! Yes I know I'm greedy ;D ♥
Dunno who is Mokona?! Go watch Tsubasa Chronicle(2 seasons and 1 ova) or xxxHOLiC(got 2 seasons). DAMN CUTE WAN LEEEHH~~!!! *squeals like a rat*

^ from Tsubasa Chronicle... ;DDDDDDDDDDD

^ I WANT I WANT!!! Mine was bigger O.O ....

Black Mokona!!! AWWWW... SO CUTE ... ♥ ... big big yawnnn XDDD... or was it gonna eat something.. i don't rmb xD..
It's the same Mokona just color difference 8D....

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forgot to report about smth yesterday... 8D
*yawn* nevermind.. i'll leave it til weekend...
tomorrow got taekwondo lesson... sien... needa buy my blue belt.. hopefully i'm not the only blue 1!!!! D:
and OMG!!! SATURDAY GOT SCHOOOOOOL!!! ;_________________;

I miss them.... *emo* ...

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