Saturday, January 17, 2009

First taekwondo lesson ytd

Saturday aso got school! yala it's to replace CNY. Dots.. so sien le.. my class only 5 ppl came haha!! lazy to report... pics spam!! 8D

Before that, report abit about yesterday's taekwondo lesson 8D. First lesson of the year! TIREDNESS! ;O My legs feel so jelly-ish already~ until now too 8D.~ Bless mee I'm not the only blue 1! YAY!~ Do stretching exercise first then then only start the basics and so on. Herrm~~ Master torturing uss!! Wuuuuuu~! It's Sherie first time taekwondo, I can't control my laughing when I see her do the steps *LOL-ing* seriously... lucky we stand far far.. I know I'm evil .. ho ho ho~ master ask us stand in positions around according to belts. I'm still wearing my green belt.. I wanna buy blue belt!!!! ~_~

I'm still okay with the basics, kick.. punch... block.. the most problematic one is, my jumping kick! LOLOLOL!! WTH~!! I feel like I'm doing some flying dance instead of jumping kick! I can't focus my legs, which to go up first or which to bend etc. Suppose to use left leg to jump and kick, end up my right leg flew itself. ZZzzzzzzz.... *dot dot dot* ... Practice until no air liao... I notice I'm bad at pusing ke belakang ~_~ ... Everytime turn around and do back kick.. sure can't balance.. and nearly fall -_-V! Marching also like this... 8D

Thank God Sherie's not the only white belt *giggle* 8D~! If not who's gonna be with her when I can't? XD~ She looks excited O.O~ Everytime gather back, she sure plead me to stand in front, so I'm her bodyguard now? *twitching brows* She's taller than me summore!! JEESSSHH!!~

Wah, Mei Mei now black belt leh!! *loud applause* OMG~ Tun Yi also!! 8D WOOOT!~ All frens same age as me already black.. I'm still blue.. *pout* ... DUN CARE~ I wanna continue and get my black belt even if I finished my Form 5 year! Can? 8D Needa ask master~ Then I'll be the oldest among every juniors ._. wadeva xD

^ 8D

^ That day wanna print this pic... then no color ink already!!! *cries* nuhuuuuuuuu!!

^ Yesterday before taekwondo lesson.. went Atria and eat lunch with Sherie! =3

^ Sherie's new handphone.. Sony Ericsson T700!!~ OMG DAMN NICEE LAAA~~~ She say not nice wor... *smacks her head* she want black.. black too common la... this silver lengg!!! ♥

^ Behind... *fascinated*

^ cross section... omg!! SLIM! 8DD NICEEEEEE~~~ I also wann... wuuuhuu.... ;____;

^ Haha! Her Katekyoshi ~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn phone chain.. I wanna watch that anime laa!! Even her phone theme also... XD

^ We were at Nyonya food house LOL. I didn't know Nyonya moved to ground floor HAHA!!! *is MCC* My LUNCH!! OMG~~~ I can't believe I ordered vegetariannnnnnn! LOL Don't ask! 8D I'm trying to save my plan xD. And OH! The gravy is so yummy!!! *SLURPSS*

I also ordered bubur cha cha, and chinese tea ;D. Sherie order duno what... and chinese tea also O.O ... Hmmm.. but I didn't finish my veges! HAHA!! Left quarter more~ I didn't think Sherie will help me eat all cuz I was just asking whether she wants it anot! XD

Before we eat, we go to Big Bookshop. I warned Sherie if I were to shop in a bookshop, I'll take ages =^.^= . She don't mind, so make sure she don't complain haha!! 8D I bought some stuffs, total RM26.90. Woot, lucky never reach RM30! HAHA~~ Walk round and rounds in that shop~ thinking what i want to buy~ 8D

^ Dots... hahaha!!

^ Pengsan terus after come back from Taekwondo lesson + bathed...
FINALLY can rest!! *pants* Can't open my eyes already! XD Hair still wet.. dun care.. still wanna sleep.... *snores*

^ Bought this for my phone! haha!! 8D It's stretchable~! ;D Oh nuu! I think I should've bought the black and dark teal color one!! ;______; nvm.. next week I go buy again haha! XD

^ *boink boink~* XD

^ HEY! 8D (ignore the cacat-ed leg ._. )

^ I bought a new file! HAHA!!~~

^ And a set of glittery pens! =3=! YAY All can work! XD *starts scribbling*

^ Also a marker pen.. the extra three my mom brought it back O.O! YAY!! UNTUNGG!! XD *goes and draw more stuff*

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't scroll down yet before you promise me something *blush*
I also bought a game... *looking down*... childish game... eto... don't laugh kay!!! YAKUSOKU!!!!!!!!

Can anot?! *devious stare*

I surrender.... *sobbish look*

^ th-this... *runs away immediately*

^ *never come back* ...

What?! I like laa!! Canot issit? I admit. I LOVE BARBIE!~~~ *tomato red*
I feel like playing this game ma, since I already watch the movie =.= ... The last barbie game I played was Secret Agent, and I can't find that disc!!! *CRIEEEEESSS* Okay I'm childish.. kodomopoii!!!!!!!! Whatever!! =///=

Install edi but can't play!! WAD HAPPEN~~ NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~ I've been looking forward to it T_T.... Tomorrow try play with com lalala~! XD

^ Sudden Attack . Online game le! It's like counter strike also! I WANNA PLAY!! Terrorists!!!!! FIRE IN THE HOLE! BOOOM!!!!~~ lol XD WOOO~~~ Now installing it. 8D Already finish installing Left 4 Dead. But dots!! It's AsiaSoft LOL!! (reminds me of maple story XD)...

^ Left 4 Dead. Like nth wan rite? Actually, I saw some pics @ google. This game is the horror kind de. OMG!!! SCARY SIAAAAAAA~~~ But sounds fun!! It's offline game. Am gonna play it like.. tonite? XDDD WOOOOOOOOOO!~ Hopefully my heart wont jump out lalala~ Oh yeah~! Can ask Uru keep it for me? *shy*

Oh no.. I promised myself I won't play games anymore le.. especially this year... did I? HAHA!! Okay la.. online stressed or free time only play la k... After CNY I'm gonna be a nerd already! STUDY STUDY!!! (as if I can? *forces myself*)

I grabbed the photos of the PSC 10th Anniversary carnival !! OMGGG! GAZEBOYS IN HAKAMA~~~!! *bleeds and diess* So HOT!! Aiyomak!~ Now so tired edi.. tomorrow only post ... nehehehhe.....

Just now watch some videos... related to Macross Frontier as well as May'n and Megumi Nakajima.. wanted to find if there's any live vid for the song Infinity by May'n... sadly dun have? Or am I noob? *SIGHS*

^ May'n - Diamond Crevasse Live
Her voice WINNNNNN!!! 8D And this song makes me wanna cry ._. and just by listening to the lyrics ;______________;

^ May'n - Northern Cross Live
Please, ignore the ad and talkings at the start. 8D Focus on her singing and dancing on stage!! OMFGGG~~~ *is jealous of her talent* xD

^ Megumi Nakajima - Seikan Hikou ... Live? LOL
She dance and acts like Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier... that's cute!! XDD I like her voice too!~ It's soo calming... And this song!!!!!! *sings along*

^ Ranka Lee (Megumi Nakajima) - Seikan Hikou
she sings during the show... Ranka-chan kawaii!!~~ Ignore the other characters there... except the long blue hair guy!!! *HOTHOT* And yeahhh!! The dance is the same as the vid before this!!! *learns how to dance*

^ Macross Frontier episode 15. Sheryl VS Ranka ~ What about my star @ Formo
OMGG Definitely must watch thiss!!! please? *puppy eyes*
Two girls sing for a guy!.. Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome~! Both also like him~! Awww... *pinch him* He so shy... I like it! XDDDDDDD *fan girling* .... Shiawaseeee!!! x3

part of the lyric they sang :

Let me know what you want, I would give you!
How fantastic to be with you! my love
Let me know what you want, I would give you!
How fantastic to be with you! (feeling heart)

DARLIN' chikadzuite fukujuu
NO YOU, NO LIFE nantsutte mou zettai!
need your heart & need your love
YES!? chou HAPPY dashi! PEACE

nokkachatteru koi de mo GO!
mou ikkai nante nai kara exciting
Wonderful! Charming you!
GET shitaikara lala~ we'll sing around the world
three, hey, I count down.
two, are you ready?
one, mou matenai yo
zero, ai narashite

What 'bout my star?
What 'bout my star?
What 'bout my star?
What 'bout my star?...

Fara-chan!~~ Found your new blog~ LOL never tell me earlier *baby cry* wuuu...
And babyyyyyyyy!! I think I'll post your letter back later.. not sure ... *rolling eyes*... and LY for the feeeeeds!! 8D

I think I'm gonna sleep after trying out those games.. although I want to play that barbie gameeeeee even moree!! ;_________;

I feel like I've becoming so far from them already.... T-T....

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