Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teru love!!

Actually not planning to blog today. ;D Baby fed me Teru comment and Yuki Prince and Princess scans, so.. XD Love ya!! :D:D I felt better after watching Teru!!! *kiss the both of you*

Versailles - Teru - Zeal Link Prince & Princess Comment -

- OMG! :D Teru's SO TALENTED!! (actually i knew that long ago xD) The starting part where he played the guitar amazed me! :D My jaws dropped along with a fan girl smile XD!!
- He introduced himself as vocalist of Versailles, Kamijo. XD Awww so cute laa!!! But he still intro his real self later on ;D
- His actions, his pose!! OMGGGGGG Kawaii sugiru!!!! *SCREAMS*
- He said, YAY!! And and.. a peace sign!! YAY!! :D:D
- He seemed to forgot what he wanna say XD!! *i wanna hugg!!!*
- "Arigatou gozaimasu masu masu~!" XD!!! Echo? :D:D:D
- Lastly!! HIS SMEXY THIGHS!!! *bleeeds*

^ Yes yes this!! ^ ;D
Grabbed from my photobucket since I don't have them in this com!! :D:D I missed this pic! XDD Sexy thighs! :D *drools*

Some Yuki scans!! :D:D
Credits here :D

These scans make me drool!!! Yuki you're gonna be responsible cause I'm in love with you already!! XD

^ OMG~~ So HOT~ I WAN I WANNNN!!!! ^

^ His card ^
Walao... SO HOT LA!! Kizoku rashii :D~ He looks like one of the anime character.. duno who... I especially LOVE his hair!!~~~ Can I touch it? *puppy eyes*

^ Yuki-sama! ^
O_O I called him Yuki-sama for the first time! XD YAY~~ Agh his his... *shy*

*drools all over* YENG POSE!! *four thumbs up* COOOOLIOOO! ♥

Saturday I wan make graphics out of those scans!! But dunno got time anot... need to do stuff for the class board. SIGHHHHHH. And sure got lots of homeworks to do. And I don't even know if I can have the laptop overnight. :( Need to study also leh. (Since when I become so rajin ? =.=V)

Shu yi say she can't join taekwondo cause no transport back. NOOOO!!! Please don't leave me T.T I ask my dad fetch you back le!! :D He sure np! :D Later I'm the only one in Blue 1 le. T.T Don't go to St John!! COME TO TAEKWONDO~~~~~~ :D xD I'll be your driver after my birthday!! See I can drive anot LOL! And duno got car for me to drive aso XD~~ XD And GazettE's new single.. aww can't wait...

Sad.. now Pey Zhu go back almost straight away after school already... I have to wait half an hour for my transport =.= Lucky still got Shu Yiiiiii!!! *hugs hugs* And and.. Hui nee! :D:D

Today Sherie didn't come, sienz... can't goof with her le. Her seat(next to me) taken by 'Uncle' Ronald for the day! LOL And yes he's high, can hear him humming almost the whole day. LOL~

I'm not supposed to online on weekdays AT ALL, but I can't control!! The internet's not blocked! D: I online only do blogging and check mail only =.= ....

Bro's schedule changed LOL! XD Now he wednesday and thurs got work, and friday no work. So for weekdays, only friday can't on. :D

I wanna burn songs la!! FASTER WEEKEND I WANNA BURN!! And print lyrics!! =X I so long never sing out loud already! :D Such a despo! AGH!~ XD *dances* Oh oh!! During CNY holiday or whichever weekend imma print ALL GazettE lyrics! YEAH BABY!!!!!! ;D I don't wanna have trouble singing along XD~

5 more episodes! YEAH!!

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