Monday, December 15, 2008


Isn't that wallpaper like, WAY AWESOME? \(^∇^)/ It's Kamijo, Kaya & Juka. LOVE them!! :D credits to crazygacktgirl1 in LJ. --->>

Today planning to watch the next 5 vids for the GazettE NLSG with subs(aiyomak now only watch?! *bang wall*). In the end only watched 2. What's with me?! =.=V Nah still got 3 more stoning in my firefox tabs, loaded, later only watch ba, hahahhah! Wanted to download the avi file thingy, turns out that the format wasn't fit for this lappy =.= *pouts*. So fine! But I found other web, thank youu Fara!! *chuuu~* I'll download ALL someday, ZETTAI! ZETTAI! GAZETTO DAKARA!!! p(`O´*)

Freak! ;D I downloaded all of Juka's discographies (*^o^*) *skips around giggle snorting* ! YEAH!! WOOO! He has such perfect voice ♥ . He reminds me of Kamijo (^ω^)V. Both are nosebleeding hotties! *giggle snort again* Nyahahahahahaha!!! I don't really know Kaya yet, but I dl and watched his Chocolat pv, not fascinated by his looks nor outfits and anything else but his VOCAL! Nice leh! =^.^= Must dl ALL hohoohohohohoohoh!!

I've just taken SS of this smiley ;D

Original :


Bigger :


What? I'm just trying to entertain my readers, tak bagi ke? (v_v) I super LOVE that that smiley la! So funny! And naughty :D (~.^)s Too bad can't find the original one ;D.

Went to xloliconsx community today. It labelled ScReW, but I can't see any!! Then I see clearly, OMFG! I saw that icon. APA?! Itu Byo ke? OMFG OMFG. I can't recognize him! *yalar yalar such a noob fan of ScReW* Cause I only saw him with make ups and not non! This must be because I didn't really stalk them yayaya (ノ><)ノ ... But anyway, DAMN HOT LA!! Byo!!!!~~~ (⌒ε⌒*)

Byo with make up!! Nitenai? Nitenai deshou?! Tabun.. chotto dake...
Zzzz... It's just me.. definitely -_-V

Besides watching some NLSG lovies ~ Watched some Shoujo Rorita Nijyuu San Kyu (Lolita23q) comments :D. HAHAH! FUCK la. Damn youtube blocked me again =.=... Sou was so cute! xD Ryosuke talks a lot, high too, but I like it ヽ( ´ー`)ノ. The dorkiest and retardst of all is BAN, hahahahah! He's soo goofy! XD

Waaah!! *covers my sight* RYOSUKE!! Mabushi sugiru nyaaa... p(`O´*)
(too bright my eyes pain .. hee heeee ;D)

CUTE RIGHT?! Photobucket Especially the hairpins on his head! HAHAHAHAH! XD


Sou. Sexy nyaaa~ DAMEEE!!! Furechau kamo~ *shy*


Fan mails kah? Fuiyoooh ;D So... cartoonic... (;¬_¬)

AAAAAAAAAA!! SO CUTEEEE!!! XDDD Big big eyes! Small small body! :D:D =^^=

I also read many many fan fictions today. SO INESCAPABLE! XD SO HOT! WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But but but... I wanna cry too T_T... Read one, the saddest one I've ever read boo hoo hoo T_T.... But can't cry!! Stupid tear gland! HAHA!~
It was so painful...

That's not all. Still got 2 windows filled with tabs xD.

All by prelude_of_ruin @ LJ. ;D GOSH I LOVE HER!
Her Yaoi fictions are the best!!
*no lar actually so far only read hers so I said that hee*
I'm gona FRIGGIN' READ ALL wakakakakaka!
But, but.. Read all NC-17 first ... HEE HEE.
Thanks to her, I've learnt ALOT. *giggle snort*
I wanna write also lor.. but so LAZIE laa!! And and..
My english sucks too. *deeeeeeep and louuuudd sigh*
GANBARE YO!~ lalalala~ (^_^)ε^ )

YAOI WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm addicted to giggle snort. (^ω^)V

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