Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday I watched Bolt!

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^ My Current Desktop Wallpaper (^_-)-☆
"Yes I know Kamijo is HOT :)."

Frustrated today so I wrote that pretty long note before this post, but I removed it, I duwanna remind myself of that hateful thingy. ;D And it's a nuisance to my posts (~.^)s (don't ask why try guess). So, I finally watched Bolt today! \(^∇^)/ Found the pirated DVD in my dad's room. (O.O;) Although the subtitle sux, 'good boy' become 'good day' .. (;¬_¬) So I watched RAW. Pro right (^O^)/

Guess what, I was reading this just now
I clicked few links in that page too ^_^V
AWESOME! And I leveled up!
CONGRATS ME! YEAH! ;) *wide smile* (*^o^*)

^ Macross Frontier (ε*)

Before that I watched 2-3 episodes of Macross Frontier (^ω^)V. (o^.^o) It was raining and thundering so that's why. If not.. heheh. After that I decided to watch Bolt. Just feel like it. Some pics to go ¯\(º_o)/¯

*** ┌(^_^)┘└(^_^)┐ ***

So it's about a dog and it's owner, both are popular actor in some movie, very well known. Herm. In that movie, Bolt(the white doggie) is a dog that owns super powers, one of it is known as Super Bark (x_x;). He and his owner, Penny sort of trying to save her dad, solving missions with Bolt etc, but end up getting caught. Bolt thought these was real. He really thought he have super powers. Speaking of the caught part, since Bolt thought it was real, so he went to rescue his person(owner), depending on his super powers. Bla bla bla~ And so he met this cat, bla bla bla, made friends, realize his foolishness, bla bla bla, etc etc. That's all the main point lalala~ ヽ( ´ー`)ノ *humming*

Babe! Baby~~~! I'm glad that you're back! ;D **\(^∇^)/ 8D *Kiss you everywhere*
(read your blog) Awww I don't know whether I can go over! You see, me daddy very hard to get days off! :( HAH! Congrats that you loved the song that Yuuto wrote (^з^)-☆ ~
I read that fanfic you gave me! OMG So sad I wanna cry.. poor uru (/'_')``
WHO WAN READ?! (suddenly shouts), mari mari~ *pouts* NO WORRIES :) It's PG-13 and not NC-17! (;^_^A
*grabs the gazette scans and hugs uru* Awwwww.... *squeeze squeeeze* (^O^)/


YEAH! Grabbed Matenrou Opera(摩天楼オペラ)'s single Last Scene that's gonna release the coming Wednesday! ^-^b And some other songs hee~ x3 Harrh, what else I did today =.= Oh YEH! Sherie called me when I was in the middle of watching MF, she said duno what I forgot that she going to Petaling Street with her sis. Aww, so I just tell her what anime I wanna. GAH! I forgot what I wanted! I only have Monochrome Factor in mind p(`O´*) . Kay then she say when I know what I want call her back. Then I ransacked my file and find her list of watched anime, +_+;; got over 200+ anime @@... So, I listed :-

1) Monochrome Factor
2) Nabari no Ou
3) Zero no Tsukaima : Princesses no Rondo

4) Shounen Omnyouji

5) Neo Angelique Abyss -2nd Age-

6) Natsume Yuujinchou

7) S.A Special

THERE. All this year's released anime except Shounen Omnyouji. So I called her back. Wah the background so noisy, she said she's eating lunch in some area. Oh souka souka. She's chatting with her sis that I'm having problems cutting in =.=V I'm like OEI! LISTEN TO ME LA! Hahahahah! XD Then I tell her the first two, no prob. Zero no Tsukaima part 3, no prob. Shounen Omnyouji, she said never sell. (;_;) Oh well :( . I missed another leng zai =.=. Neo Angelique part 3, no prob. Natsume Yuujinchou, no prob. S.A Special, confirmed with her ho kua a not(means nice to watch anot), she said yes, so, I booked. Ask her to tell me the price before buying for me. End of call.

Later, within 20 mins time, she called again, zzzz I was in the middle of a GOOD SCENE xD. She told me the prices. For good quality, like Lambaian Filem or VScape, RM24.90 for Monochrome Factor, Nabari no Ou, and S.A Special, each. And Zero no Tsukaima, forgot =.= and I cancelled that, next time first. Neo Angelique also cancelled. Natsume Yuujinchou, RM12.90. For not so pro quality about RM3-4 different, aiyah sap sap sui la. I want PRO one, bettah xD. It's not that I'm rich =.=V ~ So total :

(RM24.90 x 3) + (RM12.90) = RM87.60

WAH. Quite a big amount. But nevermind. Money still can be 'earned' xD. Hahahah. And worth it, cause Petaling Street sell way cheaper, since it's a tourist spot. Normally for 20+ episodes, buy around here, if wan pro quality, can cost up to RM40 each tau!! :O Pirated? Nah, bought there b4. ^_^V

I'm learning Katakana.

And also Hiragana.

isshouni benkiyoushimashou?

( ^^)人(^^ )

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