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#289: Sadist & Masochist.

-edited EDITED LOL-

Even if I don't play guitar. LOL.

Gosh it's Dim Scene(my blog song that shuffles LOL), I feel so peaceful ♥ - Oh now it's Silly God Disco! 8D It's like minutes after I type the next few lines lmao. I feel happier now XD! I want 13STAIRS[-]1 or Garasu no Namida! LFMAO. ♥


It's always like that! I should have known. I should have prepared myself. RAWR!!!!!!! Fine, just a simple conclusion, NO FECKING LAPTOP today. My good mood to have a peace today is all gone. So I don't feel like onlining thru MSN today, I don't feel like talking... I'm being selfish I know, I'm like that when I'm moody. I'm so sorry. ;_; I hope I can get it tomorrow. I just want to be alone for now. /smiles bitterly/ HE HE HE... O Op ...

/dances Ruki's chicken dance(but the slow-motion version)/
^ LOL just for entertainment.

I spend my time downloading lots&lots&lots&lots of GazettE videos. LOL. I just missed them so much I wanna see them 8D I don't think I can download those bigger files like RCE, NLSG etc today either.... And my pendrive's space is running out. LOL. The family com, I can save it there atm.

There's a post in gazette_media about gazeboys famous quotes or stuff. XD It's soo cute and some is really meaningful so I wanna post it /at her limit/

✖ Despair can be Pleasure and Beautiful Wounds can be beautiful. {I ♥ this! :3}

✖ "I dry off my whole body with a hair dryer" - Reita, Neo Genesis Vol. 33. {LOL I REMEMBER THIS! HAHAHAA /imagines while bleeding furiously/}

✖ "That we can be careless, weird, or serious won't change." - Ruki, Neo Genesis Vol. 33

✖ "If you do your best, there will be a day where your sounds will reach them, and they will approve of you." Kai, Arena 37c SPECIAL Vol. 56 {I felt the same way, leader-sama!}

✖ "Uruha: Now that you say it, the only ones that drank the sake were me and Aoi. [...] Then, Aoi started drinking; at the end, he cried “I, I’m glad that I’m performing in a band with Uruha”." {♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!! AOI LOVES URU~! AOI LOVES URU~! LMAO XDDDDDD AWW :D}

✖ "I'm not gay or anything!" - Aoi. {HAHAHAH!! I rmb this too XD!! He's a kodomoppoii adult 8D}

✖ uru: "Naked girls can be rolling around and we wouldn't even notice." {LOLZ. Glad to hear that. XD /wipes sweat/}

✖ ruki: "It is good to have nosebleeds". {LMAO! Means I'm right to nosebleed everytime I see gazeboys huh? HAHAHAHA!!!!!}

✖ ruki: "You don't leave anything behind after death. If that's the case, I've no choice but to live out the present in the form of telling no lies." {*______*b}

✖ "In Life, one’s point of view may more or less have a change, but if you think and are able to grasp it,
it[life] would become more fun. I would be happy if these words of mine are somehow able to reach them." Kai - Arena 37C Special vol. 56. {Be happy Kai-kun! Cuz it has somehow reached me XD /bricked/}

✖ "Go ahead. I love perverted things." -Reita. {HAHAHA!! LOL. Sasuga desu *_* ♥}

✖ "I'm weak when it comes to reading seriously..." -Reita {Aww that's cute XD Reminds me of Misaki :3}

✖ "I thought that letting out your feelings isn't a bad thing. So I thought that it's good to be angry." -Aoi {Aoi-san please consider how others would feel! LOL XDDDDDDDDD}

✖ "I guess in the end, we all want to be laughing." -Aoi

✖ "You don't want to drink until you get so drunk, but you want to drink enough so that you can get a little bit happier." -Uruha {Uru's words \O O/}

✖ "I think it's important to be happy or else you can't make others happy." -Uruha. {sono touri desu! XD ♥}

✖ "Man, if I look for 30 minutes, it's obviously really gone." -Ruki {LOL remind me of that time he lose his belt HAHHAHA!!}

✖ "If many people are going to have un-needed feelings or bad-feelings at this live. Just because of this then I don't want to do anymore lives. Yeah, I just want every single one of you guys to know that. Some other bands might not mind that, you know, and just pretend they don't see it. But if that's what a pro is, then I feel like I don't want to be a pro. Please enjoy the live seriously. We'll seriously make you guys have fun, so, so, let's do one more song." -Ruki {Listening to Cassis while reading this I almost cried LOL D:}

✖ "I want you guys to show your way of life." -Reita

✖ "You know, it should be an easy thing to not fight. You just don't have to do it. " -Reita {れいたさんわ正義の味方です! ♥ LOL!! Ignore that.}

✖ "It's fine. Injuries and I are a pair." -Reita {that explains this picture XD}
[picture removed because it's a FC pic LOL! D: :D]
Poor middle finger XD ♥
Please tell me if this is a FC pic LOL!! I don't remember it's in my random files DX.}

✖ "I think I became more sadistic." -Reita {O.O!!! Where's your masochist?! HAHA ♥}

I just took them from other users' comments. LMAO.

I'm reading translations too. DX LIKE FINALLY? Blah. I just have the urge to know them better, like even better LOL! 8DD Probably when I see lots of words I go @@.... /scream/ IT'S SO CUTE. I'm gonna post some here. 8DD ♥ /is craziest when it comes to their cutest sides/

Uru's birthday~! Of course it's not this year's. LOL.
I feel so vulnerable w/o my photoshop! ;w; I just used the ACDSee Photo Manager in this com =.=
But who cares about that now *_* These cuties is all I want to see ♥ XD;;

So the translation is from this post. :3 ♥ I know I'm not allowed to repost(says the translator) But.. just some parts DX

Uruha: Well both of us had were in a bit of a fix recently. I jog at night… so I change into jerseys. Then I went running outside… but then… I dropped my keys into the drain…

LOL!! THAT WAS SO CUTE! XD ♥ /squeals hard/ Careless = A dork should do


Uruha: Whats more the depth of the drain isn’t the ones like you can just open the lid and go get the keys… its really a deep drain…so… from where I was… ruki’s house was like 10mins away so I went to his house to ask for help...

Ruki: I’m like… who could it be… its like in the middle of the night?! I thought as I looked through the monitor…

HAHHAHA!! Can you imagine that?! /kicks chair/ ♥ XDDDDDDDD


Uruha: im like at his door saying "what am i supposed to do... help mee..."

awwwwwwww.... imagine him whining at Ruki's door. /SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM/ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SHITSHIT /stomps floor furiously

Ruki: and at that time… i thought he wanted to use the toilet...until he told me that he dropped his house keys…


L-O-L! ♥ HELPP ME!!!!!!! I'M GETTING BERSERK ONCE MORE. THEY'RE ADORKABLENESS IS KILLING ME D'X XDDDDDD! /runs in circles and receives a stare from grandma/ O O"

If only Uru remembered he can get the extra keys from his parents, his wife Ruki wouldn't be waiting @ the keystore! LOL!!! HAHAHHA!! WIFE LOL. /bricked/ ♥


Ruki: So then before the delivery came…we had free time… I was in a mood to watch a horror movie… but then this guy(uruha) went to sleep………

Uruha: but it was a boring movie…….

/grabs stomach and cracking up/ HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHA!!! LOL! HAHAHAH!! I'm so sorry I usually express how I feel through typing LOL!! /continue laughing/ HEEEHAHAHAHAHHAHA- ♥

Dim Scene is on again. ;_; XD;; ♥ Gosh I wanna read those latest translations @ guren_void but the thing is, my head starts to spin because there's PLENTY of music terms in it(they're talking about their guitars, bass and drums) @_@ /rolls head/ And there's some radio translations thingy I'd like to read but my eyes keep turning @@. If it's a video with subs I can totally handle! LOL!! /kicked out of house/ Argh just read them =*=

Others I've read:
one - Kai's so sweet about his niece and nephew *_* AWWW. I hope he'll find his partner soon. If that is what he really wants. ♥
two - And Ruki has got feet fetish! LMAO 8D He looks at girl's feet instead of breasts?! LOOOOOOOL. That's new to me. ;D Aoi reads erotic magazines ~ Kufufufu :3 | LOLZ. I'm hoping to see Ruki in shorts during live soon. HAHAAH!!! :3 .................. .............. ............. Ruki whines that his nipples aren't weak! XD | Ruki is pro-pants! YAY! | Aoi calls himself Aoi-san :3 Kufufu~
three - Sake is cute in Uru's eyes XD ♥ | He's a really 'deep' kind of person under his adorkableness ne!? D: :D He sounded so lonely ;_________;
four - URUHA SEME MOTTO! LOL. 8D SEME /yaoi imaginations/ EEEEEEK! ♥
I just wanna jot this down so that I'll remember. XD

btw I just watch this video when I was dl-ing stuffs from hakitarun =.=
This is a Pen By Ensoku

LOL. I find it super lame. HAHAHAHA!! The pen, LOL They're singing about a pen LOL!!

imma go watch some movies...
WOOT! Takizawa Hideaki! I must not forget to stalk him! XDDDDDD I fell in love with him long ago after I finished Boku dake no Madonna drama :DDDDDD
Tackey - Hikari Hitotsu [PV]

/faints once she saw his gorgeous face/ *_______________* TACKEY-SAMA! ♥ But I prefer if his hair spikes nah /pouts/
Orthros no Inu HMM I wanna watch this show too. \^ ^/

I JUST FOUND THE PICTURE! *_* LOOKS LIKE A GOOD SHOW. /mark that down/ *_________*

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