Thursday, September 17, 2009

#284: Discordia.

I just simply crop those I like a lot and put it together. XD
To save space, time and energy. LFMAO. ♥ XD
And, don't ask my why Uruha's picture is the biggest there. XD
/wears special 3D lenses and continue examining/ 8D

Firstly today I thought I wanna make the blogskins for KoonIe and Kumi but MY MUSE IS NOT HERE! D: I hope to finish them by tomorrow because weekends now is not peaceful for me and I'm going back to that frecking hometown in Terengganu on Sunday! WHY?! I hope I can bring the laptop back. At least I can mess with my folders and my photoshop when I'm bored. But hell, I need to bring back some books to study too. /sobs.

About the DVD, LOL. Shit I don't wanna talk about it anymore but I'll just summarize it. :3 That Tuesday night after tuition I went asking dad whether I can buy that DVD which costs RM300+ for our currency. Obviously he's shock, with his low and almost-angry tone, he said he'll consider it. I know 100% that he's thinking that I'm putting this at top priority instead of my studies, he's thinking that I don't care about my studies at all. But who cares what he thinks of me now. I can't earn much of his trust no matter what I say or do. He keeps comparing me with brother. I know he care, mom care, but sometimes what they say is just too heart-piercing. I bet there's hardly parents that understands. LOL. And so, regarding the DVD, now I don't really care if he allow me to buy it anymore. But I admit I still want it, so badly. /sighs

LOOK! I drew Ruki the other day. XD Was busy sulking, as usual. :D His hair... It's like the chicken wings. LOL! ♥ I SCANNED IT! But the file is in the family computerr! ARGH.

BAHAHAHA!! That day I went 'dating' with bro to Atria again. :D We went to Speedy to look and see if there's any new anime DVD or such. I SAW THIS-

Hana Yori Dango FINAL!!! ♥ XD I want it! And my head went all blank, so w/o thinking twice I borrowed my brother's money and buy it straight away. XD It was RM29.90. /money flies


When I went back, I straight away watch it. WOOHOO!!!! I LURVE IT! OMG. FUCK!! IT'S SOOO FECKING SWEEEET!!!!! /scream/ Tsukasa is soo FUCKING HOT. HAHAHHA!! XD /overly exuberant/ And HE GOT HER PREGNANT. AWWWWWW. XD;; ♥ But that part where Tsukushi punches the BEAR when they're in an isolated island... This is how I looked like ------
O.O..... --------- -_________-".....
Okay lame. LMAO XD. And etcetcetc. I'd like to take screencaps now but I'm so lazy. T_T

LOL. Yuanny borrowed the original Hana Yori Dango season 1 & 2 series and burned it. Surprisingly she said she don't need it anymore(means she don't really like it as much as I do), so she sold it to me for RM10 only! XD YAY~! ♥ Of course I accept it. I was going to burn it for myself anyway. :D ♥ And to take good care of it, I shall.

Yuanny borrowed me her Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) manga yesterday! :D YOSH!! NOW I CAN DIE A ZILLION TIMES OVER SEBBY'S HOTNESS. ♥ And apparently, I did. I was peeking at pages to pages of all 3 books last night, and I bet you know what had happened to me. XD /peace/ ♥ I WANNA SCAN but... next time. :3 Too bad she only bought until the 3rd book. XD;;

I'm finishing xxxHOLiC manga already, I'm at the last book. I absolutely love the story. DEAR CLAMP!! PLEASE CONTINUE XXXHOLIC AND TSUBASA CHRONICLE!! ♥

Some vids KoonIe fed me today ♥

Remember how Aoi said "ANGERINAAAA!"? XD ♥ SO CUTE!!

Reita and Ruki tongue twister!! XD

Just focus on Rei's face. HEEHEE!! XDD ♥

Vocaloid sings Gaze's song Agony. XD


I'm going to update my profile! HEEHEE.

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