Friday, September 11, 2009

#282: Wild Child.

Because these two just killed me ♥

Is he trying to imitate orang utan? HAHAHA!! ♥

Kai's smile. Kawaii na *_* ♥



/diesdiesdiesdies *_*

This is what I was watching last night. I was so bored, and not really wanting to watch Hana Yori Dango so I end up watching Wild Child. And I ♥ it obviously! 8D AND ALEX PETTYFER IS SUCH A HOT ASS!!


... the trailer :D

Emma Roberts is soo pretty. ♥
More images here :D

I went wiki-ing Emma Roberts & Alex Pettyfer. OMG THEY ARE SO YOUNG! I thought Emma was a bit older than Alex but she's a year younger. XD;; Emma is 18 and Alex is 19. WOOTZ!!

She looked so hot in brunette ♥_♥

Kyaah *_*

AND NOW. FOR ALEX PETTYFER!!!!!!! /screams to her lungs ♥♥♥♥♥♥

-GASP- I DIED AT THIS! @__________@ ♥ He's and actor and a model! *_*

His other movie I once watched is Alex Rider the Stormbreaker :D ♥ I feel in love instantly because of his gorgeous looks *_*


I really like this movie. It's soo wild. XD;; I like Poopy(Emma)'s personality in here. She's a biatch at first. Because she's soo rich and acts like some princess. She's always using hand sanitizer at the least minor reasons. LOL! Starting she's a blonde in the end she's a brunette. :D Her mom passed away when she's 11. And she's so wild so her dad sent her to a boarding school named Abbey Mount in England(her actual place is in USA), forced to LOL. Everyone @ this school is so... old fashioned and too.. obedient? HAHA! Poopy always criticizes them and stuff. That makes it interesting :D ♥

Her impression when she saw the school or the students' uniforms. LOL.

This is right almost at the end of the show though. She changed a lot, in a good way. :D And became so popular :3

First day in class with her room mates. :D

Later she got along with her room mates and became best girlfriends :D At this part they were planning to help her get out of the school(because she hates it and wanna leave asap), and the school dance is coming they're picking really hot dresses(against the theme) to attract guys. Poppy's intention was to attract Freddie(Alex Pettyfer), which is the headmistress' son, because the head student, Harriet(whom was called 'horse face' by Poppy) had an affection towards Freddie and she wanna make a big trouble for herself and stuff. So she could be expelled. XD

Dance with Freddie. OMG!! PERFECT COUPLE? :D:D HE'S SO CHARMING *_* Good! He's attracted to her. :D XD ♥

She and her room mates lmao.

I wanna watch some animes again nah *_* Feel like watching xxxHOLiC again LOL! Shit I wanna watch Chrome Shelled Regios too, that bishi in it is calling for me. *_* ♥ BUT I CAN'T WATCH THOSE I HAVEN'T WATCH YET LMAO. Later kena distracted then I can't practise maths for the last paper next week LOL.

Speaking of maths paper, FUCK WEIH. That paper 1 suddenly change to Monday. Paper 1 is okay. Lucky it's not the gerak gempur. That's on wednesday. OH NO. I got tuition homework to do later. ;_;

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