Thursday, September 10, 2009

#281: Lost Child.

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I made another blogskin to distract my bad mood. This time it's Teru darling ♥! I'm too lazy to add more stuff to the image. Besides the frames textures. I'm obsessed with frames textures lately. :D It's so.. unique. x3 ♥ I thought I was going to make KoonIe's layout first but I seriously don't know what kind of picture you want! DX A cute Aoi? I can't think of any. LMAO. How about the one @ PSC guitarists photoshoot? DX You seemed to like one of the picture of Aoi in there. :3 Feel like making another one now. XD I'm so noob for not knowing how to code navigations layout DX

What's causing my mood to swing badly is because maybe the fact that I can't get that GazettE DIM SCENE live DVD anymore. SWT! I'm always troubled over the stupidest things. /sobs. I know the price now. It's 9,765 yen! FUCK. IT'S 300+ bucks OVER HERE!!! CURSE YOU PSC. But they said it includes a special packaging, and the 60 pages booklet sounds so EXTREMELY tempting. So it sounds convincing. It'd better worth the price! I'm not giving up trying to beg my dad to get it for me despite I might feel so ashamed of how I'll ask him. /sulks

30 seconds preview for Before I Decay. (audio only) UGH I'm in love *_*



Ugh, I need a haircut.
I want to keep long.
It's just too thick.

/pounces on bed and jumps repeatedly
/falls down at the edge and hits her back head
/a horn-shaped grew on her head

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Before I Decay - the GazettE