Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#280: Woolah.

Woolah. LOL. Finally a new layout. I wanted to do this for SO EFFIN' LONG. I got the various colors combination from Ling's blog though, an inspiration. *_* I wanted something colorful. XD It's similar to Nao's blog(gomen ne :'() though. I'm NOT 100% FINISH with the layout yet. I wanna add more stuff. XD;; I'm so tired now. I'll do others tomorrow. I keep using the font "Arial" XD WHUT? I love "Arial" font. LOL XD;; As for the title, it's the poem for GazettE's Mourou. I kinda liked the meaning of it. Copied this from gazette_lyrics @ livejournal.

「朦朧」Mourou (Dim)

現代地獄絵図 鞠と首挿げ替えて 遊ぶ我が子もやがて鬼 
gendai jigoku ezu mari to kubi sugekaete asobu ore ga ko mo yagate oni
A modern illustration of hell replace balls and heads the playing me is a child that will soon be 'it'*

*Like in a game of tag, oni means ogre/demon but is used to refer to the person who’s turn it is to chase, here it's a metaphor, the child is tagged 'it' as the man becomes a monster…

Cool huh? XD

If you're using Internet Explorer, as the disclaimer says, it's really really screwed. LOL. USE FIREFOX DAMMIT! XD

So it's supposed to look like this. My resolution is 1280x800, sometimes will switch to 1024x768 because I change computers sometimes so...

Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai, Uruha
♥ Of all five here, surprisingly I was staring at Aoi more than you-know-who. JEEZUS KURAIST. THY JUST COMMITED A SIN! I like Aoi's changes the most! ♥ His hair is one thing, the spikes are back! :3 That white lock of hair in front, it's so cute ♥~ And his figure UH SAVE ME!! -runs back to uru- As for Reita, he's still the same to me =.= Never change anything LOL. His hair especially! I want changes! AWWW. And his shirt doesn't amuse me, it's like he's going into streets to shop. XD!! RUKI-SAMA!! HE'S AS GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS ISN'T HE?! ♥ HIS RED SHAVE, RED GLOVES, especially his clothings and hair, and that mini hat! PERFECT LOL. ♥ KAI, I adore his new hairstyle, I said that before. XD ARGH IT LOOKSH SHO GOOD ON HIM. ♥ /slaps self. AND MOST LOVED, LOL! Uruha-san with his cute, CUTE SWALLOW TAIL HAIR! HAHAA!! ♥ I LIKE I LIKE. /jumps jumps around. CUTE HUH? I wanna touch his tie ♥_♥ Can't wait to watch Before I Decay PV!!! ROAR!!!!!!! ♥

[picture from gazette_daily]
I'm so heartbroken. If I knew there's a DVD of this Dim Scene tour coming, I'd study hardcore for sure. And again there's bazillion collections of 'regret' in me now. /cries. Maybe money is not a problem, since I'm saving. But because my brother said he won't be getting his 1k until at least more than a month so.... ARGH I'M SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!! I'M WILLING TO DONATE MY ORGAN. LOL. SWT. LIKE AS IF ANYONE WANTS IT HAHA.

When I came back from school today.. I saw my Mokona actually studying.

Oh look, right on my table! AND SHE'S SITTING ON MY DARLINGS!! ;_; Actually it's my brother who puts her like that. LOL. Why picked Economics book instead of a comic? How dull. XD!!!

OH. I forgot. I have 6 days off until the 2nd last day of exam. SO. BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!

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