Monday, September 7, 2009

#279: Love So Sweet

Stole this picture from Kumi's blog BECAUSE I LURVE IT SO MUCH. *_*

OkOk. I wanna update! LOL. ♥ Actually last week the reason why I wasn't studying much, or bit at all is because I was watching Hana Yori Dango. I'M ADDICTED. LIKE HONESTLY. REALLY. Yesterday I re-watch again. Uh. I know it's long ago. But Yuanny somehow borrowed me the DVD(because I asked her to) then my journey begins. OHDAMMIT. I'm so like addicted. SHIT~ I don't have to say it many times but SHIT!!!!! LOL. I'M IN LOVE WITH DOMYOUJI TSUKASA A.K.A MATSUMOTO JUN! OH NO I DIDN'T, BUT UNFORTUNAAAAAAAATELY, I DID. ♥ ♥ ♥

THERE. OHSHIZ. -spazz-

Mom is not in good terms with dad again, it's almost 2 weeks plus now. LOL. It's because of my toilet bowl issue. It's because of my dad's procrastinating self. But hell I care. XD;; ♥

I'm stealing some pics from KoonIe LOL. I'm not using the laptop now. Even if it's there I don't wanna use it! I'm going to study moral later. -huffs and puffs-

Aoi yes this is Aoi. To KoonIe: What do you mean Aoi aura? No aura also can know it's him leh! XDDDDDD! ♥
He's drawing and that's SO CUTE!!!

WHO IS THIS EH? MY DARLING~ ♥ Kou-chan! URUHA-san LMAO. That PSP or whatever it is he's playing and holding, almost the same as my brother's! O_O! ♥♥ HAHA SO CUTE. HIS PANTS LMAO OH SHIZ THERE GOES MY CRAPSCRAPS AGAIN. ♥ -sneaks up to him- ♥

This is definitely Rei's hand like duh~ :D HIS VEINY HANDS ♥

So this is Matsumoto Jun a.k.a Domyouji Tsukasa a.k.a DAO MING SI. LOL. And that girl is obviously Shan Chai aka Makino Tsukushi aka Inoue Mao. :333333333333 ♥ WAIT. One thing about this drama that effects me is... I came to laugh and smile even MORE. WHY?! BECAUSE TSUKASA HAS THIS CUTE ADORKABLE SIDE THAT I LOVE A LOT AND HE KEEPS SMILING AND GET ALL HYPED UP WHEN IT COMES TO TSUKUSHI. IT'S SO ADORABLE! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

My brother won a thousand bucks. LOL. I was shock to hear that. He said the DiGi people from the radio thing called him randomly(randomly among DiGi users) to answer a question, he answered right. The question is about Perlis' ibu negeri. I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE ANSWER HAHA!! I hope he gets his 1k money soon. Mom ask him to give me half of it XD SO MAYBE I CAN USE IT TO BUY GAZETTE'S FINAL LIVE AT SAITAMA DVD?! I WANT IT. LIKE FECK.

sore ja.

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