Sunday, September 6, 2009

#278: Before I Decay

Lol I thought I was gonna leave the updates next week after Moral and Science papers but I can't just LEAVE THIS ALONE! ♥ It's their NEW LOOK! FUCKING GORGEOUS. They all look so much younger again! ♥♥♥♥♥

My gawd Ruki *_* He's so photogenic ♥

-breathes- /and she SCREAMS wailingly
KYAA!! That tie, that outfit made him looked CHO KAWAII! ♥
/runs to nearest wall
/grabs wall and bangs head on it repeatedly
/comes back to com with bruised forehead *_*

Fatherly Aoi ♥ *_* Finally there's slight changes in his hair *_*

REITA! ♥ ♥ MANLY MANLY~ /bricked

WOOSHIOOOOOOOOOOOOK. Kai's new hair! I LIKE IT. I LIKE IT. LEADER-SAMA! Something different now. I feel different too *_* ♥

Before I Decay (PV Preview)

- One word. One word. "I DIED". No that makes two words. BUT OMG!!!!!!!!!!~~!!! ♥♥
/saves a bazillion words from spilling

SuG's new look! They looked much, MUCH better now. *_* Takeru ♥

Welcome our new SuG's drummer, Shinpei! :D Let's call him Shin-kun now *_* HE'S SO CUTE. And I heard he's ex Secilia Luna 8D And he's shorter than Ruki but taller than Keiyuu, HOW CUTE IS THAT?! *_* b ♥♥♥

TAKERU. Is still my fave, until now. LMAO. ♥

Look, their OHP is soo cute either :D

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