Monday, August 24, 2009

#271: Oh, Hi!

the GazettE - very first interview 2002

wow.. first time i ever saw this. XD;;
KYAA RUKI SO CUTE. HE KEEP SMILING HAHAHAHA. Aoi *_* URUDUCKY ♥ KAIII!! AWWW all so cute nah. Reita's "eto.. hajimemashite" CHO CUTE CUTE CUTE. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ /bricked They were only 22-25 years old nah... XDDDDDDDDDD;; Ruki still sounded like a boy *_*

I tried in on the family's computer! :D HAHAHA. My brother's gonna complain because I changed his pretty BoA wallpaper XD;; I'M JUST TESTING! :D And LOL. I made this kind of wallpaper yesterday and it took LOTS of time. =*= I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH IDEAS OF HOW TO USE THE TEXTURES. But I enjoyed the outcome! LOL. It's a GazettE batch you can get it here(will be members-locked after few days). MUAHAHHA~~ And that paragraph I got it from A Moth Under The Skin lyrics, I really had no idea what to put :3 I appreciate if you tell me what you think of them so I could improve *_*

Nyahaha. btw, you didn't quite seeing me update here because I've been sticking to livejournal again these days. Whut? I'm addicted. Of course I won't leave here.

LOOK! My toilet bowl cover is now made of CUSHION!!
I feel like I'm floating on a boat, and I was laughing madly when I tried sitting on it yesterday after my bro fixed it. It feels like you're sitting on your sofa or bed while doing your business! =*=

I haven't study since friday after school. LOL. Hopefully I can do it today. Oh damn.

Oh lookie, I'm watching Gackt cross-dressing again. LMAO!!! XDDD;;

- HAHAHAHAH!!!! Amazing pair of boobies. LMAO.
- OMG.. that towel... shit.. OMG.. exposed shit -lost in words-

From IrethAnari0n from deviantART. OMG THIS IS SO CUTE!! How adorkable Ruki is?! XDD ♥ Aoi in kimono reminds me of a fanfic I used to like a lot. & REITA PWNZ. URUHA. SHIT. That sexy maid dress suits him! XD;; ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Last few days I watch xxxHOLiC again! :D But I've only reached episode 6 and then I watch Toward the Terra. I CHANGED AGAIN. I saw the Claymore DVD in my brother's room, thinking it's so natsukashii naa like that, so it's the 6th or 7th time I'm watching Claymore now. T__________T It's one of my favorite anime with heroines as their protagonists.

The opening song. It's Raison D'etre by Nightmare. :D

- o A o The title means "reason to live", it's so associated with this anime. ;w;

Ending theme is Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~ by Riyu Kosaka. Though I don't know who she is yet. XD;;


I WANT CLAYMORE SEASON 2!!! I DON't CARE HOW LONG IT TAKES. I heard that the manga still continues when the anime like.. haven't. ;w; I wanna see Raki grow up into a man~ I like the fact that HE LIKES CLARE. WOOHOO!! ♥ /everyone stares like they don't get a thing she's crapping

Claymore trailer

/tears dripping from the side of her eyes
Teresa.. T_T

ViViD - Dears [PV]

- omg I'm in love with SHIN!!! CUTE. ♥ Ryoga is not bad nah *_*
- I want those diamonds LOL.
- IV is so hyper. LOL. Reno not bad too XD;; THIS SONG IS ♥

So it's Ryoga, IV, Shin, Ko-ki and Reno right?

Time to play some game. =\

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