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Uruha Interview - Arena 37c July '09

I'm in school now! When I was replying Mika's tag I saw this. xD YAY!!! URU :3

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# - interviewer
麗 – Uruha
() – Just something that was being explained In the text, explanation notes
[] – my humble comments and explanations 

# Right now, it is announced that on the 15th June The GazettE are releasing the DIM album, so to start off, [I’d like you to] to clarify the direction of the band that we’ll see.
麗 – By the time we started choosing the song compilation for the album the title DIM had already appeared. The image is: ‘dim/gloomy’, ‘shadow kind of feeling’ [he’s explaining the kanji here], because of the importance that will flow, and the choice of songs with such a meaning has probably been a little different until now.
# Even the under-kind [underground] of tendency of songs that have been produced until now, they were the dark- sound kind of productions, right? So those [new songs] that will be included will have a little different nuance?
麗 – Exactly; even though every song direction was kind of gloomy, there was a feeling that people enjoyed them. Every member, of course when speaking of making music literally, it seems they had fun while making music. That’s why I can’t really call it dark, right? I’d say things done in a great season [of making music] have a feeling of a mess .
# That’s a very interesting talk. So, for Uruha-kun the extreme ‘music period’ as you called it, what exactly is it?
麗 - In the old times, there didn’t seem to be much imagination, and now there is me wanting to do it. For example, in the past I regularly wanted a sound that was cool to come out, I thought like that; but lately ‘This will probably not be good. If I do it like that, I’ll regret it!’ – kind of mode of work has become quite frequent. And, at such times of work I really enjoyed it (laugh)
# In short – you’re steadily heading to a maniac direction.
麗 – What’s that supposed to mean? Whether a maniac or not I don’t really know, but I thought I wanted to make unique things. The difference between now and the past is that when I think ‘Is that ordinary?’ I’ll cross such a thing out and I’ll have to change it greatly.
# From the emotion on your face, now you’ve gone into the attack motto right?
[I’m not really sure that’s what he wanted to say, but I was laughing my arse off when I read: SEME-MOTTO. Yup, that kanji here is the SEME we have all known from various fanfics about the guys (and the general knowledge of the world), ne~ Uruha…seme motto … XD]
麗 – That’s a little strange, this interview and this photoshoot has a special mood that’s visible. I mean the black hair, this makeup. There wasn’t such a thing until now, was there?
# It’s probably original. By the way, about that black hair…
麗 – Wig. The whole thing’s a wig (laugh) WIG?! MAJI?!?!!? OwO
# As it’s called – a wig guy, right? About this photographing concept, if you could use a word, what would it be?
麗 – Well, it’s related to the music concept we’ve talked about. I wanted to try different things, that’s the point I meant. Because of this photo session, after this (explanation note: at the time of this, the makeup’s finishing touches are being made), the photo-taking time will have a little original feeling with the white eyelashes, I thought I’d try it. The lipstick, it’s rare red, I thought I’d try that, kind of feeling.
# Deep crimson lipstick! You don’t see it in the fashion world yet.
麗 – I thought it’s ordinary. Bright red one, isn’t it gross now?
# If you use the plain deep crimson lipstick, you’re in the granny age world and occasionally you happen to see it there (laugh).
麗 - Really? (laugh) Speaking of, I’d like to try that one too, I wonder what it would be like - kind of challenge. Well, if it was gross, I’d just stop (bitter smile).
# So sportsmanlike, ne~
麗 – Speaking of, it’s kind of unexpected but important I think. The main point is, it’s not just saying to do something well. Of course, I want the attitude to do something to be important, but actually/practically trying to get into it properly is rather important.
# And this way of thinking, you apply this rule when you go to make music, right?
麗 – Yeah, that’s right. It’s not only thinking with your head, first I try everything, and then the way of deciding how to do it will be happening all the time at this point. Thanks to this, it’s hard in the studio.
# And what when the equipment breaks?
麗 – When we’re testing/collecting the equipment [for the live/tour] it’s impossible that we go without checking everything thoroughly. So, ‘That – no’, ‘That will do’, ‘So, which one?’ goes repeatedly. (laugh)
# With this said, has Uruha-kun’s personal music taste/preference changed?
麗 – Ah, yes. Explaining it in words is difficult, but if I have to use an easy way of speaking to make people understand as much as possible, until now I didn’t pay attention to the limits of the music that was made…I started liking the secrets/the know-how/the ropes of music. So, am I giving it [to you] in an easy way??
# No. [XD] Somehow or other I understand the nuance.
麗 – How to say that? Probably, ‘I can’t do this like that ’ strange kind of fixation I think will not happen. My field of vision got wider because my way of thinking got flexible, for example, if until now I thought it a cheap sound, ‘if it’s like that, I’d better get into it!’ I started feeling something like that.
# Wonderful.
麗 – Still, the surrounding (staff) seems great. Even making music, and the entire attempt, on top of that the care to choose the music and the labour, doesn’t it take a lot of time? The socialising done right after...And yet, there are sometimes moments when after attempting something, I think ‘It’s just as before’.
# There is no compromise, right?
麗 – Right. If I do something, only after [I do it] I can neatly go to the next one. If I think the staff was bad/poor, the possibility of going as far as possible [in the music sense] would not be possible and if that happened it would be tough in the future. When accepting things like the songs, ‘This, what is this wind [he uses the kanji for that, but I think he means the direction] here?’ we’d hear, ‘Well, that’s to be safe...’ wouldn’t it be said? (laugh)
# You’re thinking that far??
麗 – I am! It seems we have to deal with [making sure that] the next album’s collection would keep its confidence. (laugh)
# Preparing the music for DIM, I think Uruha-kun of course as a composer has also had a death ratio [of songs], but this time how many songs did you enter? [how many songs were made by Uruha]
麗 – Two songs. To explain it shortly, those two pieces were greatly dark and greatly changed. Relating to the latter, during a meeting when we were choosing songs, from a certain person something like that came out: ‘I don’t really understand the merit of this song’, it seems maniac (laugh).
# Huh? (laugh) So this song was nicely put into the album, right?
麗 – We pushed it into the B-sides. Later we talked about the pros and cons [of the song], there was one person who said they didn’t understand [it] but there were many people who said it was great, so we put it in.
# It’s problematic because of the variety/This is a story of sorts. This has been very exciting.
麗 – I personally saw it like that from the beginning. During a live you must also include the echo/reverberation/the impression it makes [I found a few meanings for that kanji and I don’t really know which to use in the translation, so here you have those I thought might be the right ones]. Until then, here only the band could make it [choose the right songs], and now inside it [the band] there is the real feeling of wanting to pack in/cram in songs, and I am very satisfied.
# If this is what Uruha-kun sees, when the others from the band wrote songs, what direction did they show?
麗 – It was good. Seriously. Aoi-san and Ruki did them too [strange that Uha refers to Aoi with the ~san and Ruki is just plain Ruki; perhaps because of the age difference between Uha and Aoi...], and the music that was made has personal tastes because we opened and 100% came out. Still, when the recording was halfway through (explanation note: the first ten days of May were the collecting time) and work still remained, the trial and error still continued because certainly mistakes were coming out as expected.
# And also, for a long time you continued with the work to pack it in [the songs into the album] , weren’t there things that you were boiled down by?
麗 – At that time I rested with all my strength, and while watching internet sites with anime/animations I did nothing but drink beer (laugh)
[URUHA~~~!!! You adorable drunkard!! XD]
# You don’t really go out, do you ?
麗 – Not quite, lately I turned GW [I think he refers to Guild Wars here] off and returned to my parents’ home, and since my parents said they wanted a barbecue I did it with them.
# That’s healthy and sounds fun, right.
麗 – Yeah, but I wonder if I can go back. I thought about it. The intimacy continued in the home garden when I brought the charcoal. I really enjoyed this awesome little structure (laugh).
# By the way, when you complete the DIM album, the next thing is going to be the Saitama Super Arena on the 5th September, the DIM SCENE tour will start, so regarding the GazettE, it seems this year you’re going to be hot and the summer is going to be hot too.
麗 – It seems I said it the previous time too, this time because of the making time [of the album], the live’s place and the songs you’ll see, it’ll be really great. Still, there are going to be some crappy things. To be honest, this time it seems the costumes will benefit the heat. Well, because of summer, I regretted it (laugh).

終 – The End

i didn't really pay attention while reading.. times running out... 8D i'm looking forward to DIM! YEAYYY!!

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