Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Celestial Being! ♥

*EDITED: right at below*

Ohayo gozaimasu! :3 ♥

Today was a little heartbreaking because, I forgot today is wednesday, and usually IAHgames will begin server maintenance from 10am to 3 or 5pm T______________T!! NUUU!!!

Fine. I'll update.
That Monday night, I FINALLY start watching Gundam 00 season 2!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ URESHI~~!!! But I'm a little lost because... It's been quite almost more than a year since I watch season 1.. -.-" Including the characters, like idk how and who are they. But I reached episode 9 yesterday, so I already caught up! 8Db ♥

O v O! I can see Setsuna again! Wuuu.... hao gan dong... T^T

SHIT!! I'm addicted to the opening song again!! 8Db Thanks to UVERworld no Takuya-kun ♥

Gundam 00 - season 2 opening 1
Hakanaku Towa no Kanashi by UVERworld

- ♥ KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!! SETSUNA!!! ♥_______________♥ hisashiburi desu! ♥ it's been 4 years(in that show), and now he looksh GORGEOUS-ER! OMG!! *in love*
- I'm gonna print the lyrics huhuhuhuhuh ♥

Ever since Neil Dylandy died in season 1... T_T Now his ototo-san(little brother), Lyle Dylandy replaced him as Lockon Stratos again! 8Db I kinda like the new Lockon! IDK!!! He always make me laugh ♥ And he's much cheeky-er xD

This show is a MUST-CONTINUE-WATCHING typeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen ci ji ne! =*= and the ending song..

Gundam 00 - season 2 ending 1
Prototype by Chiaki Ishikawa

- LOL. the eeee~eeeeeeeee~-ee~ made me laugh O.O
- this vid looks a little depressing T__________T
- kyuuuhuu! The 4 gundam meisters' seriously.. maji de... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lemme introduce these BISHIs!!!! ♥ xD {from left to right} I'll say their code name 8Db ------

Lockon Stratos ♥, Tieria Erde ♥, Setsuna F.Seiei ♥, Allelujah Haptism ♥
green, purple, blue, orange.. ok i know you're not color blind *-^

Lockon's gundam is Cherudim -
Tieria's gundam is Seravee -
Setsuna's gundam is 00(pronounced as daburu o) -
Allelujah's gundam is Arios -

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa. ENOUGH FOR TOO-MUCH-INFO-NESS!! I'll do that when I finished the whole season!! -smacks self- i dont have enough pictures now (not when I'm not having the laptop T_T) so.. wuuhuuu............. ;w;

I find I like these pairings! xD :
♥ Setsuna x Tieria
♥ Tieria x Setsuna
♥ Lockon x Tieria
♥ Lockon x Allelujah

WOOHOO!!! Now I'm desperate to download/read manga doujins for these pairings already! XD -yaoi moodo: ON- gonna search later! BWAHAHA!!

eh3! -pokes everyone-
So far episode 8 caught my attention!!! 8D I know I've seen this in Mizurei's blog before like so long ago, but but.. since I've seen this with my own eyess! XD

At episode 8, around duration 13++, Tieria dressed as a GIRL!!! ♥ WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-bangs hard on keyboard repeatedly while screaming-
OOH CRAPP!! I'm going berserk already! OmO************

so tell me!! is this really a male or female?! i think is.. male?! OMG i thought it's a female! cuz of the hair.. and voice =.="


anyway, just now I just remembered to check my mail from -- there's a new yaoi anime!! Maiden Rose 8Db

and I saw the trailer...

The uke's quite cute!! Just his hair. eesh. and the seme. OMF- ASDADADADASDADAEAEAS. Hot? Kakkoi? NO. -does vomitting sound effects- pui pui!! XD okok sorry i didn't mean to insult or anything i'm just a lil disappointed TwT

It's still new, and it's 2 episodes OVA. I'm going to watch episode 1 now!! -load finish- xD!!

I just finished watching this... there's 2 epi but currently there's only 1 epi? OwO
WAIT!! Don't continue reading this because it's a spoiler, unless you don't mind huhu.
yes, quite a disappointment... its uh.... rape. sorta.
and there's BLOOD!!! OMG. THAT POOR UKE!! DAMN YOU SEME! TwT I liked seme controlling their ukes but this is just!!!... poor thing T_________T
poor uke can't cry out or yell for help because of his reputation.. that seme is his knight btw... a fugly one too =X
i admit it's VERY 'HIGH'... about double or tripe times of Ikoku Irokoi Romantan(at least this one is normal sex and very much gentler), i mean.. its duration is longer.. LOL i hope you know what I mean XD!
the starting HOT part was OK for me.. but the 2nd one after the war thingy.. its just... horrible...
THAT POOR UKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; w ;

I nearly cried.. first time while watching/reading yaoi ;_____________; in the end that uke was... unconscious?! OR DEAD?! because seme-san was crying and hugging him too.... ;w;

But my top fave yaoi animes are still :
♥ Junjou Romantica
♥ Ikoku Irokoi Romantan
♥ Kirepapa
♥ Okane ga Nai

Am I done now? OwO
There goes my 250th post 8Db

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