Thursday, April 30, 2009


yesterday my mom told me about this disease or sickness thingy. it's already spreading around Singapore, and told me to becareful not to get close to any Sg-ians. LOL! i'm not so sure about this... but this thing is called Swine? to my dearest friends in SG, please take caree! ;A; i'm so worried T^T and hopefully Sherie's sister, who's studying in Sg now, will be alrite. =\ cuz so far this sickness got no cure!! NO CURE!! it's something like a flu... *shrugs*

i keep singing this song nowadays...
it's because i'm influenced by one of the Kuroshitsuji episodes..
the dolls kinda sang them..
this one just just one part of it...
they kidnap cute lil girls and make them into dolls! OMG

"Kin to gin te tsukure, tsukure, tsukure,
Kin to gin te tsukure, my fair lady."

yep2 just like that XD! it's the London Bridge song LOL.
Kin is gold, gin is ... silver. Tsukure means "to create" something, like making a doll. that gold and silver is the items that gonna be used.

OMG you know what, when Sebastian kinda sing this song while "disposing" off the mad dolls, I GOT BLOWN AWAY ♥ although Ono(Sebastian's cast)'s singing sux, but I still love it. ♥

Sebas-chan! ♥
I can't get enough of him.
He is just, perfect.

BUT! I'm so afraid to face the ending, damn it.
Sherie teh spoiler. T^T

YEAH Tomorrow no school, labour day. XD i needa get the laptop from momma~ =w= ♥

Who else knows Sowelu?! I need songs recommendations~!! I'm out of "stocks" =w= *points at myself and say "she's lying" 8P*
this is her latest(?) single's pv, Material World.

- to be honest, that running is lame.
- awesome song! ♥
- give her long hair back. = ="

Sowelu - Wish

- the 6th ending song from D-Gray Man.
- it sounds like any of the most common songs i've listened before... and i like it.

about the PSC DVD xD...
i keep watching it! JIALAT. I'M ADDICTED.
Of all performances, I think I liked Miyavi's the most. I find it very entertaining ♥ and i'm touched that i understand almost everything he said. T^T he's such a nice guy
2nd goes to the GazettE! OMG I LOVE THE HEADBANGINGS!! Uru's the only one who.... *bursts out laughing*
And Alice Nine goes 3rd.. ARGH!! SHOU. ♥
further comments soon bwahha. i think i'm gonna rip it. if it's not like.. protected? O.O"
eesh, lousy post today. i'm just here continue downloading kuro and junjou mangas. bwahaha.


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