Saturday, April 25, 2009

red+cyannish=FOR THE WIN

*is getting prepared to get whacking by everyone* aahh.. err yep.. another layout. ZZZ i've been doing this the whole day. i never edit the picture with textures or brushes.. i want it original XD ♥ and i wanted to do this ever since i found this website of the pretty dollss! OMG~ I'M SO ADDICTED. i chose this two boys becuz... the colors, and Kirill! I LOVE KIRILL! :D ♥

wooo soo small~ 8D

presenting the boys... 8D - Elf Ivan & Kirill . . . .

Kirill-kunn! ♥

Ivan !

Aren't they just adorkable? ♥_♥
compare to any other children type dolls,
i'm much into these two 8D

i just made 2 phone themes of of the dollss! YEAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *jump2*
for Lolita23q's Marble Shaking Ward, I LOVE THE 3RD TRACK! OMFG! 8DDDD
Vanish -海中砂時計-

- why don't have pv for this T^T
- KONO UTAAA!! SUGEEEE~~ ♥!! Sou's voice is just ARGHHHH!!~~

and 3/4, i can hear Sou soo clearllyyy!! ♥

- listen to him talk! I feel like i'm back to anime listening to this XDD~
yume, kibou, mirai...

I DREW VANNESS! YEAAYEEAYY! Look alikee lerr! XD it's a comic character in THIS comic~ i drew it so randomly in class and... OMG~~ 8D UNEXPECTEDDD! ♥

and Kuroshitsuji logo yesterday ! i took almost the whole period in school XD! I'm not satisfied becuz the 3rd and 2nd word is a lil too big T^T... ♥
yesterday went to mayang jaya roadside thingy for dinner... not again! SO SIEN LAR. mom woke me up from my rest and i had to go... good thing my bro went tooo... the whole time i was drawing Tsuna randomly! XDD The big big pictureee... i kinda viewed that pic from my phone and i just copied it on spot... LOLZZZ ! It's an achievement for mee! :DDDDDDDDDDD OTHERS ARE CHIBI. they're cuteee! XD ♥

i just found thisss! SO CUTEEE! *scream* CIEL O.O! AHAHA!! XD ♥♥♥♥♥♥

one more thing...
i failed my taekwondo test.. = = i knew it anyway. *SIGH*~
AHAHAHA! I'm downloading more Doujinshis... XDDDDDDDDDDD!!!

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