Sunday, April 19, 2009

i'm back after 12hours!

OMG. I'm back from the seminar! :D *sparkles*
It was worth to go! xD
I was at school around 7am. I'm back at 7.20pm. WOOOSH. It's been a long time i'm away from home :D And I think this trip was worth it! I've learnt a lot. :D I hope i can really SCORE A! LOL.

I don't like the breakfast, it's mee hoon and, TEH TARIK! I LOVE THE TEH TARIK!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD *shines like the sun* when i took a sip of it, my eyes widened as if it'd pop out anytime XD! Then lunch, i love the chicken! LMAO. And the drink is a bottle of water, thank God. Cause i only brought a small bottle of water. and tea time, one mini doughnut and a currypuff, and TEH TARIK AGAIN! YEAYHHHHHHH! but, that time so excited when Kim got me the cup in my hands, someone ter-push me until i spilled a lil on my hand ;A;!! One mouthful was wasted! GRR *mumble curses* blablabla...

so lazy to type.. but i love the 2nd lecturer, he's awesome. ! XD All of them made us laugh. that's prolly one of the reasons that worth the one hundred and eight bucks. =P

Shit lar.. i'm so worried about my art. I haven't show encik abdul rahman, NOT EVEN ONCE! OMG. Why am i like this?! Everytime last minute only like that?! SHIT WEIH. OMG. I scared he scold lee! when he's angry, i feel like i'm gonna cry anytime ;A;.... EeLing like not so anxious le... she say do with Ramin next week wor... but needa pass up the WHOLE PORTFOLIO by end of the month!!! DEKIRU WAKE NAI DAROU?! *falls 3 floors of stairs* T^T

and other few worries... i prefer not to talk about it. not yet.
I saw my darling Uruha's plant! SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE. :D (this girl... seriously = =") =X

dunno what else to post... katekyo picture spams! ... that i got from sherie.. XD x10


Dino x Hibari.
WOOT!!!!!! ♥



is this a fan art?! OMGGGGGG. ♥

Byakuran x Mukuro.
i havent reach teh part Byakuran appeared yet! NUUUUU.
he's soo ♥



his grenade ring got pulled off. XD


de wa..

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