Saturday, April 18, 2009

continue with katekyo :3

i'm gona post alot today cause tmr i'm away for the whole day ;A; last post for the day! ;D I continue watching katekyo epi 57 and 58... i'm having headache now i can't continue until 60 or further ~_~

it's the battle between bosses, Sawada Tsuna VS Xanxus. 8D SO JINJANG EH!! xD and bla bla bla.

Bearers of the 7 Vongola rings 8D ;
★ Oozora no Ring (Ring of Sky) - Sawada Tsunayoshi
☆ Arashi no Ring (Ring of Storm) - Gokudera Hayato
☆ Ame no Ring (Ring of Rain) - Yamamoto Takeshi
☆ Hare no Ring (Ring of Sun) - Sasagawa Ryohei
☆ Kiri no Ring (Ring of Fog) - Rokudo Mukuro/Chrome Dukuro
☆ Kumo no Ring (Ring of Cloud) - Hibari Kyoya
☆ Kaminari no Ring (Ring of Thunder) - Lambo

i hope i didn't spell the romaji wrong.. xD

AHAHAHAHAAA i got the whole 3 sets of OST from Sherie *proud*
and some doujinshi files.. tons of pics... total 5050 files ! WOOOOOOOOOO UNTUNGNYA SAYAAAA~~ :D:D so many goodie pics *licks lips*

- this is one of the orignal soundtrack i love most! LIKE FINALLY I GOT IT!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! *repeats a million times*

Reborn told Tsuna that he's got a new weapon, it's like an armor.
He say Tsuna got to dress like a Mafia, he got shocked and imagined
THE LEFT PIC IS AWESOME!! :D ♥ the right is LOL.


each time before any of them fight..

"de wa, ato de."

"bosu, kiyotsukete."

"ganbaru yo."

*mumbles in sleep*
awww... he must be cheering for Tsuna in his sleep. XD

"mucha tsun na."



Xanxus verses Sawada Tsuna. :D

until next epi! WOO.

i'll skip 58... tired *massage my head*
i'm gonna have fun tomorrow! i think. O.O"

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