Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gokudera chooo kakkoi!

tis is a fan vid. :D it features Gokudera Hayato from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. XD It's from episode... AH I FORGOT! But it's 40+. So this will be the first post for today! :D Currently embedding episode 32, 38 and 39. I'm gonna post later. Bwahaha! OMAIGAWWWWWD! It's raining heavily! NUUUUUUUU. ;A;

^ Gokudera-kun XD ♥
he's CHO hot right? *Q* the so called Tako-head(octopus head),
the one who's loyal to the Tenth, Sawada Tsuna. bla bla bla.

1st: Sawada Tsunayoshi
2nd: Gokudera Hayato or Hibari Kyouya
3rd: Hibari Kyouya or Gokudera Hayato

it's too amusing i had to take screenshots of that vid.. *Q*

it's a competition...

*DIES* CHOOO Kakkoiiiii!! *SQUEALS*

gah. ♥_♥ love those bandages covering his upper body ♥_♥

more bombs!

OMAMAAAA!! Can he be any hotter?! 8DDDDDDDDDDDD
this part has blown me away ♥

in the name of the tenth's right-hand!
what an amazing pride! XD

so eventually he wanted to like sacrifice himself
just for the ring. The bomb set was just about to launch
a massive explosion.. then.. He kept saying and forcing himself to
handle the enemy bla bla bla.. so Tsuna was like
and that was his reaction. ♥_♥
Gokudera is already winning! But.. = ="

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