Saturday, April 4, 2009

properrr update!

okok. LOL. I've been spamming my blog. sorreh hahaha!
time for some proper updates for this week! LOL. eto.. i don't really remember nah...
so... it's still the same lor.. i'm still over that anime... hahah! can't imagine how i fangirl over the week ... ngehehe.

sou da.. kono anime desu. ♥
Tsuna-san kakkoi ♥_♥

Don't ask me why i'm so addicted. I can only can say... it never fails to surprise me. :D The humorousness is just... amazing. LOL. And i'm gonna warn you people.. tomorrow... yes tomorrow.. i'm gonna have massive fan girl ness over this anime. :D I've missed some episodes and i'm gonna watch it tomorrow thats why. XD All blame to Sherie's cacated DVD =.="

but one thing I can't control...
Problems is, moneyless, expensive product, and i dunno when wanna go Petaling Street and get a cheap but original one! ;'(... about 1/4 of the problem is solved tho :D... i can burn Sherie's DVD.. but... some cacated leeeee! Later burn liao aso cacated then?! *breaks down and cry* IWANTIWANTKATEKYO!!! ♥ Another big prob is.. her DVD until episode 52 only le! Currently got 120+ or more epis already! ;A;... how to chaseee when i can only online on weekends! NUUUUUHUUUU.

*slaps myself* stop it. you're gonna get loaded too much. *slaps again and cheeks turned chilli red*

time for LONNNNNNNNNNNNG essay post? i doubt anyone will read it hahaha!

taekwondo grading is coming soon! OMG. I havent learn up my pattern! JEEBUS.
yesterday during lesson, lucky me, i've got 2 nakama (companions) with me for Blue 2. LOL. yes yes lucky. we all don't remember our pattern.. ya be na -.-
then we asked Tracy(black belt senpai) to teach us... so i follow her oni lo. she revised 1 time only.. camnerrr nak ingat ni! LOL. nvm la... ahahahaha.

so lazy type... before that lesson. as usual la... me and Sherie go "dating" around in Atria. O.O" ... both of us dunnno what to eat. want go mamak, cuz the weather so damn hot so duwan. wan go nyonya, but the price not very welcoming. then wanna go buy light food in giant, bread and some drink, but already did that last week. aiyah. she say she feel like eating KFC.. so.. okay la... 10 bucks fly away.

LOLZ. we ordered snack plate *yum* i took the one with drumstick KEHEHEE. Whut? i love drumstick canot? :D She say anything ma.. so i give her the wing only lor. wakaka. she say the way i eat very funny wor. YAMEH?! HONTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?! i didn't know! aah. OHMAMA. i bet there's lot of people laughing behind at me the whole timee. perhaps the meal is OH-SO-YUMMY? dotsdots.

i'm so glad i escaped from the sajak thingy. XD
eh what else? = =" OH!!

Today, i went to visit my old house in KL. XD currently nobody staying there. my dad wanna re-rent it, he put up the "TO LET" sign he wrote. LOLZ. he could've asked me to write for him! i can draw better! HAHA. *nasty plannings in mind* ...~ :D

if i were to go there alone, probably i won't recognize that house anymore LOL. the painting colors changed.. to peach.. mom said it looks like dirt color. HAHA!! Before that dad keep praising himself that he choose the right, pretty color. I don't really like that color though.. *shrugs* it feels... nostalgic? LOL. it was nearly 10 years since i left that house =D. i missed the old times ;_; i took some pictures but sadly my phone USB wire thingy hasn't been repaired yet...

oh i went to my grandma's house too. and it's also my uncle's house. its like ages since the last visit. yes, it's very nostalgic too. natsukashii desu! it feels scary in there LOL. its dark. haha! *aiyo people off lights to jimat la kay* XD im not sure when, this house got robbed. my uncle's possessions are stolen O.O about more than 10,000 worth? i heard 2 laptops were stolen, and few thousands of cash. OMG. me and mom went in to "investigate" HAHA, and saw how they got in. my uncle and his wife went on a holiday to Genting Highland that period, and usually my grandma stay in my house overnite everyday.

they came in from the back of the house. they kinda "cut" off some part of the grills. omg! they're so cunning! i bet they are skinny humans :D, cuz the hole that they could come in is kinda small. ....
blabla bla..

eh i'm so lazy, got distracted by stuff right now bwahaha!

anyway, I'VE DOWNLOADED LOLITA23Q'S MARBLE SHAKING WARD! OMG!! YAY!! my connection came back to me! XDD omg i'm listening to Megaromania's new single too. OMG~ AWESOME.

i'm done. ciao!

WAIT.. i just got fed. :D

- URUHA!!!! xD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
- look at Aoi at 0:10! BOUNCE BOUNCE! HAHAHAHHA!!! ♥
- eh.. did Ruki gained weight? XD
- Kai kai!
- Uru spread his legs so wide na! ♥_♥ i likeee! its like he's 'sore' from the night before leh XD
- cant.. i only focus on uru.. 8D


URU~~ LOL. see? so wide right?! :D

Uruha x Ruki is teh LOVE ♥

see? so bun-ish already LOL XD

♥_♥ temptations


Aoi/Uruha ♥ :D LOLZ. Reituki! :D

LOL idk why i think this is damn cutee! XDD

okay fine. now baru ada high quality. XD can see clearer~ lalala

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