Sunday, April 12, 2009

dunno what title to put

a friend in LJ being so kind to me and made me this wallpaper ♥ she's a real beauty! :3
i'm raping them on my desktop now :3 it's soo pink :D i'll have Byou and Kazuki. ITADAKIMASU~
you all can take others. *flap flap my hands* XD i just remembered to watch their pv preview... Kairos.

- chotto matte, i feel like i heard this song somewhere before? *frowns at the screen*

Gackt - Journey to the Decade [pv]

- pow pow REVERU UP!! :D

just now i watch katekyo epi 56. other epi cant load le! STUCK THERE. TAT... i hate the connection soo much! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. this episode, Gokudera went to hospital and visit Lambo who is hospitalized after the match with Levi A for the ring battle... he went there to tell Lambo everything that has happened when Lambo's unconscious. O.O"

Lambo mistaken Gokudera as Tako LOL. 8D ♥

SO CUTE!! Gokudera bought him Takoyaki (octopus ball)! I WANNNNNNN! Gokudera-kun yasashii ;A;

Gokudera's trying to tell the story about everything, Lambo was busy opening the box of building blocks toys and he commented that he's a hitman so he don't wanna play kids' toy. LOLZ he's a kid himself! XD

HAHAHA! "LISTEN TO ME!"... "Wakatta da mo nee!" ♥

Lambo become so action when Gokudera-kun say he's one of the 7 chosen members for the 7 vongola rings. XD

during the battle for the ring... SO CUTEE EHHHHHHHHHH!!


so bad! he never pay attention to Gokudera's words! =w=

he fainted. ;A;!!!!

He's praising how kind Tsuna-san is. See he blushed! I can feel that he kinda "feel" for Tsuna eh! But i know it's not la.. it's more like admire and respect .... *sigh* ...

Lambo saw him crying. "NAKIMUSHI!" HAHAHAH! (nakimushi means crybaby)

HIBARI-SAN!!!! ♥_♥
fell asleep.. awww.
Gokudera is soo nice T^T.... he's been rated as NO.1 for loving kids... LOL

and then Reborn appeared with his cosplay nerdiness. XD! THIS SHOCKED ME HAHAHAH!~
.......this this... OMG LMAO
.....*rolls on floor laughing* XD ♥ he's watching Gokudera all the time.

i'm watching the new opening theme again.. ARGH. I'm going insane.

i just finish making Shuyi's bday card. but... i still duno what to put in the box.. =.=
Sherie's coming soon. If i can make my hair spike i'll post a pic b4 i go to her party! XD

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