Sunday, April 12, 2009

new layout again?!

bravo bravo! i finished another new layout. but it took me almost too long to finish it. ;A; i wanna try do Mika's layout but i'm still working on some stuff 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。...
this time i wanted simple and pictureless! and this color is just perfect! I LOVE THIS COLOR. NGH NGH NGH. :D and i'm using the same codes and layout style.. can't find any other! if there is.. the owner won't let anyone use their codes ;A;

静の夜 :
read as "shizuka no yoru" means quiet or peaceful night. O.O"
シズカノヨル :
also read as "shizuka no yoru" in katakana. i wonder if it's correctly paste? LOL.

this morning 9am+ i went to the Siamese temple. it's "Ching Ming" where people go visit their dead relatives or friends to pray and burn dead people money and stuff. they're having water festival, lucky i didnt get splashed! ヾ(´∀`)/ just a lil! that BAKA GAKI go splash my hand. but it's just a few dots, no mind XD. you know what! I SAW PUPPIES! OMG DAMN CUTE SIO!! I WANNA BRING HOME~! But i know i can't.. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

as usual i talked to some of my cousins there. they're still the same XD. like duh O.O" i pay respect to my grandpa and my great grandmother. lol. the smokes everywhere is killing me! (;゚ Д゚) gaman shinakyaa! XD before we could leave, wei yang flip the coins to see whether they finished "eating" the food we arranged on the table. stayed there about nearly 1 hour. 8D i kept wanting to come back and cling to the laptop! LOL.

after that i went Atria and cut my hair, like again! i can't keep long. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 and i cannot never cut, i don't wanna get caught by that DATIN DONKEY! shit her. tonight is Shu Yi's birthday party! The theme is SUPERHERO?! ALAMAK. I dunno what to wear eh! I tak minat any superhero... she say anime can wor. ಠдಠ and you can print a logo of that particular super hero or anime hero LMAO then pin on your shirt. Zzz.

AND. I wanna spike up my hair! like for the first time! :D I'm gonna spike it like Ruki's! :D since his and my hair are almost the same length LOLZ. only hairstyles that i can do of course.....out of my skills! xD

definitely not Guren's.. LOL. but that hairstyle is cool!
i might fail in doing this ! AHAHAH~

bought gel and mousse! 8D gonna try it at around 4-5pm+


Just found these pretty... vectors? at yesterday. JEEBUS!! JUNJOU. I wanna watch it again! EEEEEEEEE :D ♡

Usagi x Misaki
they call this couple Junjou Romantica. XD 1st and main couple! :3 MY FAVE.
usagi teh seme misaki teh cute little uke! x3
Usagi is just a nickname, his real name is Usami.
and YESH OMG THIS SCENE... is so fucking turn on! XD might be the best in Season 2!~ *nodnod* usagi opened misaki's legs and... HAHAHA~~

Nowaki x Hiroki
they call this couple Junjou Egoist 8D 2nd couple. i love it when Hiro-san's angry. XD it doesnt scare me but it makes me wanna eat him up.
hiroki uke, nowaki seme. :D seme is younger but taller than the uke. :3

Miyagi x Shinobu
they call them Junjou Terrorist. cause they always fight and stuff. very.. enemy-ish 8D they're the 3rd couple. obviously miyagi's older, taller and is the seme, shinobu is the uke. their age difference is DAMN BIG.

i hope Sherie's coming earlier to my house so we can go crazy. XD and i want her to help me out with my hair! HUHU. OH YA. i hhavent make bday card for shu yi yet! RUSH!

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