Monday, April 13, 2009

da mo neeeeee!

WOO! Racial Mixture is out! :D
but i can only listen to it during weekends. ;A;

naze konoko wa online desuka?! XD
datte... my ICT assignment havent finish da mo neee! LOL.
Usagi-san no fua fua omoreto special deluxe! LMAO!
you know... i'm watching Junjou Romantica again... season 1... ;D yesterday! i failed ;A;
after i came back from the party i felt like watching so... SO TURN ON EH! :D

of course i won't ignore D-Gray Man. I've only reached episode... 25? AAAH. It's the 3rd or 4th disc.

O.O i dunno what to update. OH.
LOL i forgot to wish you yesterday, but of course when I met you i did XD. now that we don't usually hang out anymore like we used to.. i'm so glad that she has the bestest friends now. They sang dunno what song... it must be from Taiwan, errh, and including the word happy birthday in it, i heard them sing and I nearly cried with joy. I guess I'm not a friend like this last time?! Yeaala. My party wasn't like hers. And I think I don't want anymore party in the future. =/

We played this game called murderer. Each person gets a card, if you get a picture card like "K", "Q", or "J", you're the murderer. If you get an ACE "A" card, you're the policeman, if you get normal numbers you're just one of the normal civillians.

so everyone needs to hold hands, Keefe is the host? LOL. when he said the murder can start killing, the murder needs to squeeze their neighbours hand. Lets say murderer squeezes 10 times, then the neighbour pass to their neighbour 9 times and so on. The last person who gets 1 squeeze, means they die. Policemen were suppose to guess who's the murderer. If the murderer wins, the policemen gets punish, and also the other way round. :D

the first round, I got "K", I'm soo surprised and excited! :D So i start killing, squeeze squeeze their hands ahhaa! slowly lot of them got killed by me :D in the end, I WIN AS THE MURDERER! WOOHOO! LOL. I'm feeling proness 8D

then 2nd round, HO-SHIT I'M THE POLICEMAN!!!!!! I hate that most! I scanned their hands when they squeeze, see who's the one starting it. HAHA! My neighbour is the murderer, I hesitated for few seconds, then I ask her "Are you the murderer?", she sort of giving the awkward look and stood up to give in. XD YAY! I won't be punish.

so lazy to type. her cake was soo fattening, but yummy! CHEESYYYYYY~
aaah. that's all la. super lazy. i wanna print out stuff :D

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