Sunday, March 29, 2009

videos and more VIDEOSS!

oh shit.. LOL. i forgot to off the modem last nite when i go to sleep at 1am+ XD. Wait, bro didnt notice i didnt off O.O! just now i went downstairs... i thought already off so i wanna on it back.. i'm like O.O ... never off! OMG LOL HAHAA. shhh...

once i'm online i quickly open every videos i missed those few days ahahaha. while letting them to load i watch my katekyo epi 25 and 26 XD....

NEC POWER COUNTDOWN - Aoi and Ruki [2009.03.21] Part 1 NEC POWER COUNTDOWN - Aoi and Ruki [2009.03.21] Part 2

ROFL. The song at the start damn sweat.
- O.O! This DJ cool sio. HAHA.
- chipperism Aoi LOL. XD Rukiiii~ ♥
- what's with the kuroi kuma-chan (black bear)? LOL.
- that DJ made me swt so much.
- those beanies are so cute ♥
- if only i understand what they say i'd watch everything... *SIGH*

BEAT SHUFFLE - Kai and Uruha [2009.03.27] Part 1
BEAT SHUFFLE - Kai and Uruha [2009.03.27] Part 2
BEAT SHUFFLE - Kai and Uruha [2009.03.27] Part 3
BEAT SHUFFLE - Kai and Uruha [2009.03.27] Part 4
HAHAAA!! I laughed when i saw them came in, especially Uru. OMG LOL The way he walk. *imitates* SO CUTE! *dies*
*point point* LOOOOK at his hand AHAHAHAHAA. CUTECUTECUTECUTECUTE..........
- OEI!! WHAT HAPPEN. Suddenly no sound already!! ;A;!!!! Can only watch part 4 with sounds T^T.... *heartbreaks* - the mic is blocking Kai's face! AGH!
- I like Uru's hairrrrrrrr... XDD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
- YAY! Kai's laughing again! WEEEEEE~~ ♥_♥
*falls off the chair* ROFL!! WTH! HAHAHAAA So cute. CUTE. I can't stop repeating this word. CUTE CUTE. OMG. *continue laughing*
- they're too cute i can't focus on what they are saying XD
- i wanna buy shades too XD

- Laugh laugh laugh :D they beh tahan, i aso beh tahan. HAHAAA! *laughs with them at unknown*
- Kai is playing with his chair! 8D
- Kai, are you cold? D:
- Uru's like a lame dorky jiji. Which I love most. XDDDDDD
- "yamenasai!" :D

HAHAAA! Kai's face. XD
- OMG NO SOUND AGAIN. =.= this is definitely not my day. Some other time.

He's rolling..

roll roll... XD


ahh... *relaxes* XD ♥

taking pic! PEACEEEEEEE!! ♥_♥

"Hai~" LOL OMFG. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Uru's face is seriously... and he scrunch up his nose like that. *uttering millions of the word cute again*

HE STOOD. XD *stare* ♥

Bye bye *wave wave* OMAAMAMAAAAAAAA! *DIIIIES of cuteness overload*

Few more vids and i got to go do something! I'm going out in like less than an hour~!

- "sugoku bikurishita" ----- a fan said that cuz it's soo real. OMG I'll never come back out if i were in there! uruuuuuuuuuuuuu~! XD
- That Misaki-chan is cute XD. Can i work like her? XDDD


最新ヒット ウエンズデーJ POP ゲスト the GazettE 2009 3.25後半

- I wish i can speak like them X_X
- and the live starts at 2:50!!! HOORAAH.
- Kai appear first, then Uru, Reita, Aoi, then RUKI. OMGGG. KAKKOIIIIIII! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
- first song.. Nausea and Shudder~! :D *sparkles* ♥♥♥♥♥♥
- song list... credits to gazette_daily
-SE- THE END ・Nausea&Shudder ・Maggots ・COCKROACH ・DISTRESS AND COMA ・HEADACHE MAN ・LEECH ・Bath Room ・紅蓮 ・WITHOUT A TRACE ・Hyena ・AGONY ・MOB 136 BARS ・CIRCLE OF SWINDLER ・Filth in the beauty ・DISCHARGE ・Ride with the ROCKERS ・Carry? ・THE $OCIAL RIOT MACHINE$ ・関東土下座組合 ・LINDA~candy dive pinky heaven~
- Ruki starts his chicky dance XD. *is laughing at his cuteness*
- headbangs!
- Ruki is chanting a spell O.O
- OMG RUKI FELL?! *GASP* rukiiiii! he was spinning and then...

this is so hot. ♥!!


OMG now is 11.55!! Gotta get ready. JIALAT. got one more vid ne! aaaaah. i hope i can online at least a while later when i come back.. if not... weekends!! XD

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