Sunday, March 29, 2009

katekyoshi spams! XD

lol i thought i was gonna watch those gaze vids first before this. but looks like the buffering is slower so i watched katekyo first ahahaa. JIALAT WEIH! I'm so addicted to this anime now. WTH~~ somebody save me~ XD okay la... some pic spams.. or it might be alot herrh :D cuz i got most of the pics from sherie *rolls eyes* XD

i love the opening and ending songs XDD! and i never skip any of the songs at all, no matter what anime i'm watching bwahahhaa.

first opening theme...

- omg this is really loud XD *scare me*

first ending theme

- "dokomade mo~ tsuzuiteku michi~" ----- did i got that right? XDXD


he got those as his new item(weapon) LOLOLZ.
but it ended up becoming uber cool.

HA HA! This is cutee! LOL

Reborn is cuteee! Too small and innocent for a Hitman 8D


this pose is soo wrong.. but it's not hahaha! :D

Tsuna passed out XD. OMG. Reborn jumped on him and sleep.
see the bubble thingy coming out from his nose? SO CUTE!!

XD. Haru made a bento for Tsuna. Rambo went snatching it away.
Gokudera went chasing after Rambo and get back the bento for Tsuna,
he end up screw everything, including himself. Rambo cried cuz

And so i finished the first part? of this anime.. XD


AWW... laavu daavu..

Dino & Hibari OMG~

this is really cutee!

Tsuna, Gokudera, Hayato, otona Rambo, Hibari, Dino, Mukuro and Lancia. XD


Vongola famili. XD

This is LOVE.

i love this pikku XD! Kiss kisss! :333333

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