Saturday, March 28, 2009

my ayumi fangirlism is back!

ZOMG. it's back. back. BACK.
it's almost four years now. OMG. just a simple lj friend's post forced it back! :D And it's good news for me! XD

Just only yesterday i dl her new album :D


Next Level ^_^

- this is seriously HOT OMG~ *is gonna be a yuri*
- i love the way she moves :D *tries doing it*

and her new pv from her new album Next Level...

- to be honest... i only like the song LOL *hums*

Fly High pv

- i was 12-13 when i like this song :D i sang and sang until ... SUCCESS LOLOL the starting part... very fast isnt it? :D I CANNNNNN! WOOHOOOO~!!!! but now... nope i can't anymore hahahhaa ;D
- natsukashii naa....


- one of the best songs from her XD! chorus part :3333333

omg i just saw some screencaps for Rule pv... HOOOOOOOOOOT!! nvm next time watch hahaaaa. *lazy*

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