Sunday, March 1, 2009

uru's pretty shirt!! :D

I just realized how pretty Uru's shirt is!


zomg! I meant the colors! ♥ THIS COLOR! I LOVE THIS COLOR :D *siao zha bor* Lately I've been glue-ing to this color and now I realized Uru's wearing this color! ♥_♥ And BLACK! His pants! :O ♥ *is very excited* eeesh.. I hope it's not the light .... *_* but i'm not sure what color issit.. Aqua.. or Cyan.. so I went here to check check! ROFL! :D

Aquamarine. Cyan. Turquoise. NICE!
There are also Turquoise dark and medium, and pale. LOVE IT. ♥

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