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more pic spams! ngehehe!

--~ It's Ruki and Aoi :3 - FanArt title : Cute Like Me
Credits to alzheimer13 from LJ. Sorryyyy! I can't help it! This fan art is OMFGSOOFUCKINGCUTEEEEE!!! *squeals* Borrowing it. :| It's about how Ruki got his "standing up" fringe! LOLOL~~~ That part where Aoi pointed at his "bun" I LOL'd HARD. HAHAHAHAH!!~~

Sorry people.. more pic spams!
Major credit to ~ one two and ORESAMA who did the simple edits wakakaka! LOL
To the person who scanned them : if you don't like me posting it i'll remove it :D (if they were to pass by this blog that is! LOL)
To save space so I placed some pics togethah! :)

the GazettE ----------------------- omg found this today! I WENT TO GAZETTE DREAMLAND LOLOL~

HO-SHIT. Whatever happened to Ruki's "standing up" fringeeee!! NUUUUUUUUUUU!! ;_;

Uruha & Aoi ~! Uru~! ♥ Uru~! ♥ Your collarbonee... *fan girl fan girl* I really like that Aqua or Cyan or Turquoise-ed colorrr! AWWHH. There's soo many coincidences this year.. ♥_♥ Aoi's smooth silky skin 8DDDDDD! ♥

Reita and Kai-kunn!!~~ Gheita gheita! (learn from Fara) LOL! ♥ XD IIshh dunoo what to say! XD I only can choose cute and hot. :DDDDDDD I want Kai's ring necklaceeeeeee! ò_ó ♥

I forever admire his poses... ♥.♥

Uru's sexyyyyyy POSEEEEEEE! Nyaaann! Perfect perfecto complexionZzZzZzzz ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ zomg Aoi-san! You really look like a Master Seme here! *yaoi imaginations* WOOO HOTNESS ♥

teh zebra-ish Gheita! heheheh! :D no offenseee! Your butt buttock looks kinda big here O.O! *smacks his bum until it goes back to normal* PUCHUUUUU!~! Kai's glares shot right at my heart! LOLOL

What else can I say?!
I'm running out of words =/
I like everything for overall except Ruki's hairr! ;_;
waachaaa! Uru's turqouise + black complexion!
PERFECT! ♥_______♥

I totally lovee tha Uru pikku! Can see the colors soo clearly :3 XDD Others no commento! =) XDXD *giggle snort*

Any jap pro here? I wanna know what's this about! heheeh!! XDD

Moran ::::::::::::::::~~~~ FINALLY I get to see this photoshooot scanss! YAY!! *runs in circles*

Hitomi is the hottest of them all. :3

Hitomi & Soan. GAH! HITOMI!!!!~~~~ *melts* ♥♥♥♥ WAW. I just noticed Soan has bun bun face! :3

Zill & Velo. I like that shiny shiny round round ball ball thingy! XDDDD ♥ O.O another lip ringgg!! *temptating*
For these.. sorry for the cropping and messiness.. my skills sucks! HAHA! :D

ROFL! The smaller pic of Hitomi is like a Ballerina ! HAHA! *mimicks his poses* That first pic is soooo *Q* Soaaan is like a small boy! like wruki! XD *squish* I like Zill's mini jacket! and Velo's slim dark pants *-*

Daizy Stripper ! Zomg! They somehow dress like Moran boys noww! :3333333 *jump jump*

Yugiri and Kazami! OMG KAZAMI-KUNN. *stares like a gaping fish* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Rei, Mayu and Nao. Zomg! Rei sooo exposeeed! Σ(♥3♥)~! *drools*
D=OUT ! I LOVE DAOUTO! *random*

Kouki and Ibuki. ♥ GEEEEEEEE. Kouki licks his lips reminds me of Ruki! Nyaann! :3 OhhhHHHhh~ Ibuki-samaaa! *-* ♥_♥

Minase, Reika to Hikaru-chan! :3 EEESH Minase soo hot! Nowonder Fara ♥ him so much XD!~~ *admiring Reika's hair*

Kouki, Ibuki, Minase. They look soo good like thisss! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ omg Minase-kun so cute with those head thingy! :3 I like Kouki's BUN HAIR! Nyoom nyoom! So cutee! :33 Ibukii!!!!~~~ ♥ You pose like Uru! :DDDD I like calling him Kibuki nyahaha! (fara's idea)

Reika and Hikaru. I like Reika's hair! :3

attic ~ hello Jun! XDDD

I admit. Just few days ago then I realized Phantasmagoria already disband since 2006 or 2007(i think) LOL! But I still liked their songs! ♥ *-* That time I found out Jun (ex guitarist) is doing his solo career as vocal and guitarist for attic. O.O The solos are gooooooood! :D I didn't know he can sinnnnnnnnnnnnng!! Nyann! :3 ♥_♥

PS : I've edited pic captions for ytd's post! nyahahaa!~

OMG. My mom told me yesterday. That I must get satisfying/good results for this term only can buy Distress and Coma! ZOMG. WISH ME LUCK PEOPLE! NO FAILURES. *nervous laugh*

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