Sunday, March 1, 2009

gona be away for 5 days! NGHH!!

before i go off and away for 5 days awwwwwwww (aiyah 5 days only mar) ... Last nite after Fara offline-ed after stalking D=OUT a little. I received her SMS suddenly and I LOL'd REALLY HARD. XD She's addicted to D=OUT's drummer *Rolls eyes*

Fara : "Saya suka itu Minase. Saya mao makan itu Minase." [it means : I like that Minase. I want to eat that Minase.]

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL....... It sounded so straight, funny, and CUTE! HAHAH!! FARA! You're lucky you're not near me or I'll glomp you up ò_ó

And lots lots more... lazy to check my phone for them :3

So EVERYONE! WISH ME LUCK! ò_ó See yo dudes on Sat. =D Or friday after I come back from school if that laptop were to lie there untouched again XD.

It's been sooooo long since I post my pics eh? LOL.
prepare for pure randomness! LOL Took these last nite and few days ago when i was slacking and bored XDDD

this is hoow i GLARE!!!!!! WOOHOO. (right after I bath) and i'm not wearing specs cuz it's kakko warui! XD

another glare!!! LOL Trying to imitate Reita?! maybe a bit LOLOL!!

OMG SO ROUND. Memang la LOLL! I only like the effects :3

MOKONAAAAAA!! *chuuuuuu~*

Master ganbatte!! awwwwwwwwh how sweeet of herr! :3333

I conteng my hand last nite! LOL sorreh for my lumpy hand ;_______;

IISSHH SO LAME. I just simply wear anything then WACCHAAA! LOL

nyaaann? I like this pikkuu! :3333

fuck you pendrive always cause problems LOL! XD

that day sent this to my cousin in terengganu. like MONTHS already LOL! Not nice right? it's just rough sketch + copy... sigh..~~~

my bday present from ONE Academy! LOL I built it! :D cute eh?! :D

Uru in my wallet! *CHUUUUUUUUUUU~~~**

I bought another file! And it's purple! HEHEHEH!! :D


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