Saturday, February 28, 2009


omg i LOVE this icon!!!! *Q* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ------
i'm gona type fast fast! now raining but i still wanna post something! XD

hmmm... today i went downloading some 'new' bands' songs again! LOL but no time to listen today.. been slacking a bit eto! OMG so happie ! DL-ed many many Ali Project's singles and album! 8D *jump jump* SHE RAWKSS!! XDDD and other other songs like Hime-Ichigo's, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Sowelu, some anime songs etc. Can't rmb and lazie to check! :D

*think hard* yah yah! as usual i go check check check. eto!~ then i chat with Fara for 1-2hour +~! EESH! I missed squishing her ! Ngehehe! I influenced her today, with D=OUT boys! WOOHOO. It's a success! :D She at first watched Nega's Muddy Cult pv, and she freaked out, and exciting! LOL She say she envy those naked girls in that pv! LOLOL you know what I mean! XD

Then hor, I also ask her watch D=OUT Shangri-La pv, LOL! I'm addicted to this word Shangri-La!~~~ XD Anyway, so after few minutes, she suddenly say smth like "LOLOLOL the obaaasann soo funneyh!! XDD" Nyaaann! Then she also start stalking them, wait, I think it was ME who fed her lot lot! :D Their blogs, OHP, and stufff. *nod nod nod* eesh! I'm typing so fasttt!~ rush hourrrrrrrr! ROFL

after that she watch their Harukaze Shalala pv, first time say she like Reika, then in the end she heart Minase! XDDD oh yeah! she's obsessed alreadey! YEAY~ err swtt ... okay.. then i gave her their blog links... minase..ibuki and kouki.. zomg! Kouki's blog soooooooooooo many pics!! I LIKEE~~~ Can GLOMP more! WOOOHOO!

I think that's about it. PREPARE for MASSIVE PIC SPAMSS!! :))))))))

abit like Alice Nine's mirror ball pv! BUT I LIKEEEEE!! *stares at Ibuki*
*EDIT 1st March* added captionss nyannn!! :3 Just abit... eeesh :D

Ibuki pics from photobucket -----------------------

omg Ibuki... *dies of hotness* I want my hair to be EXACTLY like Ibuki's reddish hair!! 8D

screencaps ..not taken by me O.O! BUT.... *Q*

Swing swing swing.. OH SO HOT...

now for...............
Ibuki's blog -------------!

HAKAMA! Or is it Yukata? Or am I totally wrong? XDD Btw nice shoeees! :DDDDDDDDD

NYAAA!~ SO CUTEEE!! *teh first pikku* I likeeeeeeeeeeee! *runs around hugging that pic*
WAW! Red + grey? blue? whatever. Eyeees! RED EYES + RED HAIRRRR!! SUGEEEEEE~~~

Kouki's blog --------------------------------------------- PREPAREEE! It's DAMN long! :D Cuz I can't resist the hotness+cuteness! XDD

I LOVE THESE TWO PICS. Do more camwhoree Kouki-san! :33 His hair damn niceee! EEeshh soo cuteee :3

WAA-! LOL XDD ROFL!!! That heart shapeee.... LOLOLOL!!

*stares at the first pic* kakkoi :3 .. cute dogg!

"YOSH!!" XD.... wahseh... so many hearts... zi lian eh? XD

woohoo! sameee! But diff color watches. Can I try? can I can I? ._. VEINY HANDS! *kyaaaaaaahaaa*

omg I love that eye patch! It looks good on you Kouki-san! :3

is that a " )x " face? LOL

KYAA! that bun hair soo CUTEEE!!


*w* your fangs :3333333 Kyuuuuuhuuunn!! :333

predatorrrrrr!!!! I likeeeee!


he looveess camwhore-ing *-*

ROFL I thought this was HIS FOOT when I first saw the thumbnail!! HAHAHAHAH!!! XDDD

DAMN CUTE RIGHT?! XDDD JEeeeeezz! Kouki or Ibuki? Kouki or Ibuki?! Ibuki or Kouki?! XDDD

looks like I love alot of stuff.... XD

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