Friday, February 27, 2009

SHIT they totally OWNED ME

GUESS WHO? XD lol i finally remembered to like.... post this? :D zomg! it's uruki!! ♥_♥

can you spot Ruki's flying shoes?

- i ROFL'd hard at this :'D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!~~~

Okay la.. sorry about yesterday... *bows repeatedly* i should have just keep it in my own heart and mind 8D... *pats my chest* you can hate me now =X ;_____; *shrinks* becuz i dont blame you if you do... ngehehe!~

Today after come back from Taekwondo I saw the laptop lying mercilessly on the dresser in my mom's room! XDD So I STEAL it bwahahahaha! 8D just a while eerrhm. XD

EEshh.. i just found more pics so i HAVE to post it! ♥

D=OUT! :DDDDDD I'm loving them alot already *-*

Kouki-sama! ♥ I like his spike spike hair in Shangri-La pv ♥_♥ LOLZ his glove O.O

zomg Ibuki!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ his red hair ♥_♥ I love him ♥ Ibukiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~

Hikaru-chan! :33

Reika-san ~~~~

Minase-kunn~~! :D

don't kill me please.. XD I really need to repost those HOT SS i took of Ibuki in Harukaze Shalala pv ♥_♥ *MELTSSSSSSSSSS*
His smexiness + red hair... perfect complexionnnnnn!! :DDDD *but can't beat uru bleah* LOL! *cuddles Ibuki*

half fainting.. isn't he attractive? AWWWHH. ♥

OMFG!!!!!! On/Off updated their OHP!! :D ♥ and their blog! AWESOMEEEEEEE!!! SUGOIIIII!!! URESHIIIIIII~~!!! *CRAZYYYYYY*

new single Hana Kagari coming March 4th! :DDDDDDD aww it's not 25th ;_; XDD and and AND APRIL 22th their FIRST album The Legend Of Twins - Futago Densetsu !! I CAN'T WAIT~~~~ I loveee themmm!!!!! *rolls on floorrrr*

Kazuya to Naoya! ♥ *_______________*

Their blog header! I cropped it ngeheheh!! :3 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Am posting these 2 pics again!! *flying kisses*

I just loveee this pikku!~~~ :3 ♥


showing off their new outfits! ♥ *Q*





WARNING : Massive fan girl ness on the way. There's no way I can control myself anymore. So RUNN before I start becoming insaneeeeee!!! ROARRRRR!!!

I SWEAR this. I SWEAR. That THEY are the cutest human beings on earth ever. I could even kidnap them and keep in the cage, and GLOMP them whenever I want to. Also I even think that they are a bit, just a bit more cuter than my no.1 fav band , the GazettE. XDDD I can't stop jumping and squealing around in my room and my seat uttering the word "SO CUTEEEEEEEE SO CUTEEEEEEE" or "I love them i love them" repeatedlyyy and muchhh more a fan girl would do! Actually just on my seat. LOL SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT SCRAM! 8D

ON/OFF ☆ Legend of Twins ☆ Vol. I

- this killed me TOTALLY!!!!!!! XD fuck fuck fuck! I'm hell crazyy!! =X *repeats countless times*

ON/OFF ☆ Legend of Twins ☆ Vol. II

坂本直弥坂本和弥 大好き !!

So obsessed with them now... like everything!!!

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