Thursday, February 26, 2009

don't ask why!!~

before i begin, PLEASE. Don't ask why I'm onlining. I can even kill people now. =) *peace sign*
i know i sometimes lose patience about something unnecessary...or something that is impossible to get your hands on... you know what i mean... but hey? it's out of your concern. and that's how i feel, no one can change that. there's many times Sherie made me like that, or other friends, all i did was, patience, be calm, and force a smile or some polite/lame reply. i don't, no, I HATE getting angry at people, it hurts ;_____; i felt that many times before, my brother.. sorry to him.... but Sherie~ i don't hate her, seriously, i like her! :D i like her being 'flexible'... blur case, and so anime-ish .... it's just her attitude sometimes irritates me. and i hate myself for being so short tempered at times, although i don't let it out *wink* that's the DEVIL side of me you can hardly see nor notice!! :D yeah i know i'm cool.. *slaps myself for saying stuff that makes no sense*

ANYWAY, I was so curious to see whether there are price changes for the Distress And Coma single, THERE IS LOL!! Dropped a few cents.. but good enough ;D rinkuuu~~

before this it was US$20.49. Issit? Maybe I'm blur-ing ROFL XD~ Argh I can't wait til after exams then I could beg my dad to buy for me! *pouts to myself*
Hopefully the price won't go up again! Nyahahahah!!~ Go lower~ lower~~ 8D

Lareine - Billet pv

- blonde Kamijo!! :D *Q* ♥
- i saw half naked Kamijo! ROFL *rolls on the floor*
- eh? which is Emiru ? :X! *looks at Nao*
- LOL! I don't know what the little boy is saying at the end *scratches head*
- eeesh! i like this song.. XD Kamijo's voiceee *sighs in pleasure*

yesterday i print out Toguro lyrics! XD!! YAY *jump jump* so at nite i tried sing along.. WOOSHHH!! SO FUNNN~ ngahahahhaa!!! especially the kara kata kata kara kata kata katari part.. tongue twister XDDD LOL.... why don't you try it ? It's fun!! HEHEHEH!!

the GazettE - Toguro

- it's SO LOUD XD!! but didnt turn volume lower. and i'm using headphone. it feels like i'm really THERE!! :DDD *random*
- it sounds depressing and creepy to me! I like it alot! :D
- and the lyrics... woo! I LOVE IT TOO. Ririkku ~
- the last part... itai~ itai itai itai~ ... sounds soo... RUKI!!!!!!!! XDDD

part of the lyrics i like~!! :D

gururi gururi uzumaki kumo no shita ~~~ the starting part is soo cool!!! :DDD
gururi gururi rasen wo odoru
kara katakata kara katakata katari ~~~ i enjoyed this part.. the most? XD!! I kept revising this part even in school today! (brought the lyrics with me and Sherie revised with me, but all she spitted out was .... nonsense =.=)
kara katakata kara katakata katari ~~~ second time! but i can't really pronounce well after the second katakata then katari LOLOL
nejireru oto ga koyoi mo hibiku

gururi gururi watashi wo kakomu
gururi gururi nanishite asobu
kara katakata kara katakata katari
kara katakata kara katakata katari
nejireru oto midare midare rara

this part sounded like the opening of hell! EEESHH *falls off the chair* i don't make sense at all...
te to tewotori karamasete egaku
“midara madara” nando me ga “anata”?
seseraserasera naze yue warau
kazoe uta wa nari yamanu

I LOVE the chorus partt! MMMpH MmmPhhHH!!! :D
odorasareteru no wa watashinohou ne
kakimidasareru bakari itai
ikigatsumaru youni fukaku kurushii
kurikaesu “ayatori” nanimo nokorazu
kasaneta kuchibiru kara kobore dasu
kamiawanu toiki ni kidzuite…
iku yo no kara kuri na mo shiranu hito
sarasareta kizu shitataru hi aijou

NUUUUUUUUUU!!! No more A4 papers to print! I want On/Off lyrics nehh... ;_; the remaining 17 papers used for.... already... heheh!!

and eh?! no pics today?! *shrinks*

♪♫itai itai itai itai itai itai… sou “anata” janai
itai itai itai itai itai itai… mada “anata” janai♪♫

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