Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another day....

okay I give up.. i seriously can't control myself..
part of me says.. DO YOUR SEARCH FOR YOUR ART FOLIO...
and part of me says... Do your updates and a lil bit checkings before searching stuff for my art...
that's the angel and devil XD! WOOSHH imagine another angel and devil of me! :DDDDDD *sweat*

hahaaa YAY!! I'm not the only one that thinks Reita looks like a zebra in DC... LOL

macam zebra right? LOL
those stripes... XDD
oh shhhit! he's angry already *he glares*
*run away to uru for protection*

I wanna change my blog song ne XD... I'm addicted to gazette's Toguro. :DDDDDD *looks at Sakamoto twins innocently from far and shouts* I STILL LOVE BOTH OF YOU !!!! *HUGSS*

Nowadays I've been listening to On/Off (sakamoto twins), LM.C, Nana Mizuki and a lil bit of Moran XD!! OH OH and gazette's Toguro of course heheh!!~ LMC LMC!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I'm LOVING LM.C's Chemical Kingtwoon pv and song!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD ♥ I loved the song once I saw the pv ♥_♥

LM.C - Chemical Kingtwoon pv

- eeesh!! I don't know why! I watch Maya singing soo... cool? and I'm attracted! :O ♥_♥
- I'm in love with Aiji-sann after I saw him doing the... backup singing thingy? DAMN COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL~~~ LOL And the way he play the guitar iss soooooooo... *fan girl fan girl!!* ♥_♥
- whatever... i'm in love with both of them awwwwwww.... ♥_♥ esp Aiji~ ♥______♥ AHH!! No no.. both LOLOL *shrinks*
- i love their outfits! ♥

I just saw this gif from somewhere and I went to Yaoi Dreamland! *laughs at my own cold joke*
gosh i wonder if there's really a Yaoi dreamland *fantasizing*


♪♫gururi gururi watashi wo kakomu
gururi gururi nanishite asobu♪♫

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