Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm listening to it again... goshhh ....

LOL! I'm still onlining?! *BISH BISHHH*
no la... i needa do my printing for moral project...
and find infos for my ICT assignment.. WTF?! Got to finish and pass up tomorrow! ;_______;
and I still dunno what to do for my moral project pics.. for alam sekitar =.= whatever! i just go throw some rubbish outside my house... papers.. plastics... etc.. then just sweep it away sudahh! LOL
and for the kekeluargaan pics.. I printed those Korea pics last 2-3 years ago HAHA!!~~ Cincai laahh!!!!!!! *curse under my breath*

I'm listening to DC again... although it's not FULL song.. I heard the full song is about 5mins + :DDDDDDDDD LONGER THAN LEECH LOL! XD YAY!! And I keep repeating this preview the whole time!! I LOVE IT. I WANT IT... ...

Now then I realized... It sounded sooo... GazettE!!!!!!!! Gazetto rashii! *nod nod nod* ..........

the GazettE - Distress and Coma preview [Radio]

- i'm attracted to this pic at first... LOL XD
- even the starting part of this preview amazed meeeeeeee!! ZOMGGG *gone crazy*
*follow how Ruki sings* WOOoOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~ *fan girl fan girl* I should pay attention to the guitar plays instead, right?! *oh uru uru~~* :DDDD

I LOVE Ruki's RED shirt!! *red freak*
and... *stares at Uru like a retard* =.=V

I also printed this pic! For my wallet *grins at it* and the uru ones.. *crazyyy*
but I think I printed wrongly! TOO BIG!! Nvm.. I put on my table... underneath the transparent table cover NGEEHEHEHE!!

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