Sunday, February 22, 2009

it'd be nice to just lose control... XDDD

Okay okay now I know who's who already! LOL
Awww no time stalk their blogs -_-
Hikaru, Reika, Kouki, Minase and Ibuki ♥_♥
My fav is still Ibuki-sama! :D ♥ Then Kouki~! Then... O.O

LOLZ someone also stalk D=OUT today eh? And further than me summore neh! *pout* becuz my time is running out ;_______; ♥ XD

OHH NOOO!! I'm losing blood again!! :D:D *is excited* I CAN'T BREATHEEEEEEEE!!

edit : resized, cropped, and brightness + contrast O.O
- I died... URU YOU'RE SOOO FUCKIN' HOT!!!! *dies*
- I made up my mind. I'm gonna buy Distress and Coma.
- hehe! I didn't post all the scans! LAZIEEEEE to do the edits! HAAH! Other day?
=) if not go gazette_daily ambik....

last nite i had a really
unexpected dream...

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