Sunday, February 22, 2009

D=OUT's Shangri-La pv is ROFL! XDXD

Today wanna on at 9am+, but then stupit internet can't connect! the computer downstairs also canoot ;_; So around 1.30pm only can! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! But the connection's slow! wtf is wrong with it! ;_; Download also take long long time... EEESHH ò_ó

hehehehh!! *shouts to cristina from far* ò_ó --- I LOVE THIS FACEEEEEEEEE!!! XDXD ♥
ò_ó ò_ó ò_ó ò_ó ò_ó ò_ó ò_ó ò_ó ò_ó

I spent hours plus re-transfer stuff to my pendrive again =.=V It better don't cause problems again if not i'll burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it!!!!! ROARRRRRRRRR!! *gives it a death glare*

When I was transferring some pvs to it, I shun bian watch some pv. Cause I haven't watch some yet, when I downloaded it like ages ago XD!! Okay I've reached D=OUT's, that day downloaded Shangri-La pv~ ROFL!! You don't know how many times I said "SWEAT" after I saw what is that old lady doing in that PV LOLOLOL!! Okay maybe it's just me... *shrugs* ò_ó

D=OUT - Shangri-La pv

- LOL see for yourself, that old ladey is soo damn SWT! LOLOL~ but I admit she has good taste XDDD *you know what I mean* and she's sooo funny and cute HAAH!!~
- I keep looking at Kouki :3 XDD!! What? He damn cool canot issit? :DDDDDDD

D=OUT - Harukaze Shalala pv

- Kouki ♥ XD
- zomg!! I just noticed one of them supahh HOT!! :DDD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ That red hair-ed dudeee! SSHHIIT *cant control myself* 8DDDDDDDDd

Yes yes HIM!! OMFG~~ so HOT~~~ *drowns in my own blood*
O.O!! Another lip ring! I ALSO WANT~~~

OOoOooOOHH~~ *half fainting* soo smexyy! *-* ♥
The way he swings is like Uru in Silly God Disco pv *Q*
But I don't really know their names yet!
And their OHP is confusing me LOLOL!
(cuz never write out the romanjis -.-)

Is this him? Is this him? I DON'T KNOWWWWWW!~~~ But I've looked through some band pics and others........ In the end got this.......................... *faints* ♥ and and.. I recognize that lips... *blush*

After few LONG minutes researching LOLOL! So... from left to right..
Hikaru, Reika, Kouki, Minase, Ibuki
Correct anot? Any jap pros here? ;_________; HELP~~~~~~ I think the one I like is Ibuki! O.O The red hair dude in Harukaze Shalala pv.... and of course~ Kouki also!! Nyannn! :3

And still got Flashback and Myojou Orion pv.. haven't download yet ;_;.. downloaded one of it but cant open *kicks table* .. and no time to watch in youtube.. and LOAD SLOWWWW~~~~ *CRY*

Myoujou Orion ~! :D ROFL Kouki's bun hair HAHAHAH!! SO CUTE!

Okay I'm confused who's who again... except Kouki and Ibuki and Minase.. .... .... .....

OMFG one more week and then it's exams! I think I can't update much anymore...
DOTSSSSSSSSSS. I always talk big only in the end still ........... xDXDXD

chikara o miseta yaru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOLOL random

PS: I tried playing Left4Dead in the computer while waiting for the connection come back today. IT freaked me out! LOLOL I played a while.. I'm afraid my heart will stop anytime XD HEYY~~ I'm a scaredy cat okay! *wiggles bum* But it's quite fun!!!!! :D:D:D

OH OH I nearly forgot haha!! I also watched making of Gather Roses LOLOL like so long already? LOL XD

- Jin ROFL!! Btw nice arms *grins*
- the comment so long.. i kind of forward it LOLOL!! Kazuki ♥__________♥
- GGEEEEZ. I'm in love with Kazuki again! Nyahahah!~~ ♥_♥ my type mah canot issit ?!
- etcetc etc.... I duno if this is the one.. cuz I downloaded it and watch it in media player hehehe~~!!

Nyannn! Kazuki! ♥____________♥
He reminds me of my itoshii Uru-chan~ LOLOL *shiver*
So cutee neh~~ LIP RINGGGGG!! *gone crazy*

*falls off the chair*

and they sank! HAHAHAHAH!!
*repeated countless times*

eeeshh! this two like kyoudai! XD
are they sucking their own saliva's? *turn on a lil*
XD ♥♥♥♥♥

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