Saturday, February 21, 2009

merentas desaa day not so badd~!!

Aiji & Maya from LM.C ♥_♥
I LOVE their outfits!! :D ♥

WOOSH. SO TIRED! Today cross country thingy... seemed to be not as tiring as last year! Which is a much surprise for me! XD Last year half dead this year not realleyh! XD When I start running today rite, I notice that I can run faster than usual!! ZROOOMM!! LOLOL~ I feel my legs moving so swiftly~ *proud*

OwnSkin Preview
Nyann! I just made another On/Off and Teru phone theme! XD ~ Laaavuu daavu!~ ♥

Oh yeahh! Just now read this Ruki's interview on the new single Distress and Coma XD Sannnkyuuu Lang for giving me teh linky~ NYOOHOOO~~

teh link ----

Ruki talking about his V day thingy during his 1st grade! Nyaaahaaann!~! He sounded so cute neh ;D

He's like : "Nyyannn?"
Should I post the rest eh? O.O

KOONIE!! Wakaka I don't care I already stole the Jun's pic XD!! Nyahhaaa!~ *jump jump* and the rest of the GazettE hakama pics!~ But where's URU'S? AWWWWWWWW~~...
Aiseh.. you stalk my Daizy Stripper boys more before me eh? *jealous* XDXD I aso wan watch! Nyuuuhuuu!~~~ :D

Daizy Stripper - Dandelion PV

- starting was abit ZzZzZZzz for me XD but Yugiri is cute! :3 ♥
- i like the way the camera moves around! XD
- i SAW sexy thighs!! XDDDDDDDD *rolls around*
- his voice sounds like Heisei Ishin's! :O XDDDD
- headbang headbang! ♥

Daizy Strippper - TRUTH pv

- WOOSHH! I LOVE THIS PV XD and the song!!~~ ♥♥♥
- Yugiri ♥_♥
- can't really see Kazami ;_;
- Rei looks sooo coool!~ he reminds me of Saga :3 Kazami also cuteeeee!~~ *Q*

DaizyStripper Like an Edison 2009 Happy New Year Special Comment

- I like their new outfits!! ♥_♥
- bye bye! SOSOSO cute!!~~ ♥

Daizy Stripper Comment - Gl!tter 003 eeesshh! Can't embed ;_____; But took some screencaps nyahaha!! Buay tahan! They're total HOTNESS!!~~ *DIESSS*

Kazami, Mayu, Yugiri, Nao and Rei
OMG I LOVE their new lookssss!! *stareS*
ARGHH!! Kazami KAKKOII!! ♥ His hairrr! :3
Yugiri, so cute and short :3
- I want the scans for this magggggg!! X3

Laugh laugh laugh!! 8D Yugiri so cuteeee! ♥ SHIT Kazami distracting mee!! ♥_______♥

So happy arh~? XD AWWW~~ Cuties~ I keep focusing on Yugiri and Kazami~! Especially Kazami~ :D I didn't know he's THAT tall! O_O I love him!

CUTEEE CUTEE!! ♥ :D Are they talking about pregnant lady? =.=V Hate being a jap nooooooooooooobieee ;_; XDDD

Kazami Kazami Kazami Kazami Kazami!~ Kimi ga hoshii~~ =X!!! Sorreh my tongue slipped XD!! But he's just too hott neehh! :3 my type my type ♥ Mayu can't help it, he gotta LOL everything ~ XD

ZOMG His eyes~! *shot down by Kazami's overwhelming pair of eyes* OH NOOO~!! I found another loverrr!! :D:D ♥ I love you Kazami~!! XDDD

DaizyStripper-New Year Comment(13.7 2008)

- Kazami, Mayu, Yugiri, Nao and Rei
- I noticed Nao likes to lift up his head XDDD
- Nao and Mayu are dorks ♥
- Kazami ♥_♥ Yugiri x3

On/Off - Rinne Rondo PV

- gosh.. i'm watching this over and over again ♥
- Kazuya has cute ears x3!
- I enjoy watching them danceee! *melts*
- I noticed Kazuya is always on the left and Naoya on the right! :D
- Agh! Hard to choosee! But I prefer Kazuya! :D Awwh ♥_♥
- ilovethisPVilovethisPVilovethisPVilovethisPVilovethisPV

Kazuya totally fits Kaname-senpai! :3
So does Naoya!~ Zero-kunn~~ XD

I want more scanss!! ;_;

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