Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm OBSESSED with Sakamoto brothers!!! :D

Nuuhuu!!! ;_;
When online I straight away went to check here and see when's Teru birth YEAR... NAIII!!! NAIIIII!!! *runs around sobbing* I wanna know how old is heee! ;_; Anyone knows? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... TwT

I saw Kamijo's, WOOT! He's 34! zomg!~~ Hizaki-sama 30 or 31!~~ O.O! TAK SANGKA! LOLOL~! I tot he about 26-28 neh~ XD Nyaaan!!~~ Envy them :3 looks younger than their age :333 ♥_♥

NYYYYYYAANNN~~~ ♥! Seexxyy Teruuu! :3 FASTER TELL ME HOW OLD ARE YOUUU! I don't care if you're older than Kamijo or Uru or younger!~~~ :333 XD ♥_♥

Anyway!! I'm EXTREMELY OBSESSED with Sakamoto twin brothers alreadeyyy(On/Off)!! Awwwh!~ Damn cute neeh~ XDXD ♥

^ Rinne Rondo period~ :3
Sakamoto Kazuya 坂本和弥 and Sakamoto Naoya 坂本直弥 ! ♥
Birthdate : 10th December 1983 they're turning 26 this year! :3
Profession : Actor and Singer
Birthplace : Fukuoka Prefecture

Height : Naoya 171cm, Kazuya 170 cm

Weight : Both 50kg
Bloodtype : O WOOOO! Same as mee!! YEAYY~~!! :3
Band name : On/Off
Released Single(s) [not sure is that all? 8D] : Eien no Setsuna 永遠の刹那 Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi [Vampire Knight op] Rinne Rondo [Vampire Knight -Guilty- op]
Genre : Jpop
----- Source of Reference : one two three

Naoya & Kazuya!~ Kazuya cuter huh? :D:D *ChhUUuuuu~~~* ♥_♥ This is during Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi period :3

I'm posting this again!!
Awwhh!! DAMN HOT~! :3 ♥

EEEEE!! SO CUTEEEEEEE~~!!! *jump3* But but.. this is Kazuya or Naoya O_O *cant diffrenciate so accurately yet ;_;*

*confused look* O.O!! So the left is Kazuya right is Naoya? ZzZzZzzzz.... *faints*

I also went their blog a while hahahah!! :D First page only 8D~

ZOMG~ Kawaii!!~~ *SQUISHHH * ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ But what's that in your mouth eh?? O.O

ROFL. tsukareta kai~? XD

So happpy nyaaann? O.O

EESSH!! Both him and the chicky so cute!! Or is it ducky? *thought of Uru~~ ♥*

*uttering the word cute repeatedly under my breath* HAIRPINS!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

i like this angle~! :3 SO CUTE~~~ *jump5*


Stressed with work ? AWWWH. *pat pat*

EEeshsh. Where to find their blog translations ~_~
I'm gonna watch both of their jdramas Fuma no Kojiro and Tokyo Ghost Trip! But dunno when oni can ;____: WUUuuuUUU~...

LOL! Today is like one of the fun-est day during school days ROFL
My dad half day work today, so after school, after lunch at mamak (nasi lemak + teh ais) XD!! SUPER cheap weih! My total is only RM2.60! ZOMG~ Nowonder so many students in my school always go there la~ HEHEH! My 2nd time eating there LOL

Anyway, so I kinda had this in mind, I ask Sherie whether she wanna go my house, since I don't really wanna go to Atria or lepak around, and I don't like being in school cuz the afternoon sessions are gonna be there until 2.30pm. I didn't expect her reaction to be like, so excited?! XD So excited that she can come to my house ar? YAY!!~ I'm excited too!! :D It will be her first time coming to my house :3 ♥ HOORAYH!

So our temporary dream came true! XD We rushed back to school, cuz dad will be waiting there. Bla bla bla~ So when we reached to my house, she started burst out laughing when we reach upstairs. SWT LOLLOL! She's been tahan-ing her giggles and laughs in the car the whole time? ROFL! I KNEW IT. She's the so-very-laughable-flexible kind of person, and I LIKE SUCH PERSON. Eg: *points to myself* me. ROFL XDDDD!

Yaya, so I ask her "which is my room?" LOL XD. She still laughing away, turning around and round to see which is my room, cuz got 3 rooms upstairs, master bedroom (parents'), bro's, and mine. :3 I waited so long for her to respond, so whatever!! I walk to my room and say "this is my room la~", PS: she never stop laughing away =.="V.

Dot dot dot.. since she wanna see my Mokona soft toy, I opened the cupboard on top of my wardrobe, ask her go take it herself cuz i'm too short! LOL!! No la, actually I lazy lift my legs up and take :3

^ Mokona!! :3 ♥

So she was like "AWWWW~~ hen cuteee~" And she cuddle cuddle, squish squish, pinch pinch it. ~_~ and so on LOL. She explore around my room lor, all sorts of craps ritten on my old cupboard, my toilet door, my big big mirrors, and my white board, etc. AND WOOO! She said my room cute! LOLOL!~~ XD Nyahahahahh!~ I never thought of that! :3 *jump jump*

Lalala~ I'm typing essay again =.=V
I on my songs lor, let her hear some. After that, I on anime songs, so we sing together, with my lyric papers and 2 lyric books ROFL!! We sing EXACTLY like the song, you know, if it's high pitch, then we do the same, etc! HAHAHA!! And we can't stop laughing! XD Especially when it comes to really shaky, and songs that don't fit us at all ~ Okay I admit we both sounded SUX, but so? LOL we love singing! What's the problem? :D I bet my dad and bro is sweating somewhere in the house already! LOLOLOL!! *rolls on the floor*

Anyway, we were almost late for Taekwondo lesson. XD Today learnt and refresh some patterns. Quite fun~ Not that tired. and I'm thankful for that, cuz tomorrow merentas desa aka cross country!! ZOMG! Pity my poor legs!! ;_;

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